The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's Wrong With This Country?

I'm not an old man yet, but I'm not a young man anymore either. But I look around at this country and feel sick. I can remember when I was a very young boy things were different, a lot different. You would see a man open the door for the ladies and older people, but not as much now. I know I'm in the state of "rude people" with the state of California but I see the rudeness even when I make a trip back home to North Carolina, so I feel like it's all over. Why are we losing our manners and why are most young men now days more like young girls than young men. Me and my wife see the young men all three of our girls have dated over the last few years and more than 80% of them are little girly man/boys. The first daughter of mine to get married did good and has a good man at her side. He comes from a family that hunt, fish, and are good outdoors men, so I feel lucky to have a good son-n-law to work with. Plus he sees the world a lot like I do and knows that things are going to get bad real fast. It's good to have good family around you to help after the collapse.
I think my whole point to this post is what is going on with the people of this country? Why are so many people just getting so soft and disposable? It's just like 95% of the goods we have here in this country. You can get a toaster for $5 at Wal-Mart but it may last 6 months or a year if your lucky. I can remember my grandmother had an old Sunbeam Toaster that she had for 10-15 years before she gave it to my mom and dad and then they had it for 10 or more years after that and if I remember right it was worked on one time for a spring that needed to be replaced and when they got a new one and gave away the Sunbeam I still remember my dad fussing about not keeping it. Everything in life now days seams to be disposable like goods, homes, cars & trucks, and now with the new health care junk soon people will become disposable as soon as there age or bad health gets to great to justify. This country is in a big mess and everyday we are sinking more and more into the void of death. It's very sad to see a once great country get so down in the dumps and the people of this country so out of touch with our past and traditions.
Our only hope is to make a stand, the few people of this country who still keep and care for the traditions that made this country strong. We need to stand up and fight this sickness that is over run this country. We need to survive this coming collapse and fight to make this country strong and full of it's old traditions.
Keep up your prepping and stocking up on your ammo, now is the time to stand and be strong!!!
Life goes on.........will you?


  1. I can tell you what's wrong with this country. It may offend, but I think many issues stem from these two things:

    -We took God out of school/business/society.

    -Moms left home to work full time and allowed whomever could pass the background check at the local daycare center to raise the kids.

    We're letting strangers who have no moral compass raise the next generation. And each generation degrades, just a little bit because instead of being raised at home, they're being herded about like cattle by someone paid minimum wage to do so.

    And I have theories about the No Child Left Behind stuff, but don't get me started.

  2. Pete,damn Bro you are so right!Somewhere along the way stuff became TOO important,you gotta have a better car,house,tv,etc than your neighbor.Kids raising themselves because both parents Must work to have Stuff.I think a lot of folks in their quest to be good let political correctness go the opposite way now we have a bunch of wussies who afraid to stand for something.Hopefully enough for real good folks will rebuild this country the way it should be!