The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bug Out Location

A "bug-out location" (BOL) can be anything from a carefully-prepared private retreat on land that you own to uninhabited wilderness land owned by the state or federal government. For most urban and suburban people who do not own such property in the country, public lands or remote private lands with absentee owners are the only option. This is not the dismal situation that it seems. The United States is blessed with public lands, with a whopping 30 percent of the entire nation's land area, or nearly 650 million acres, owned by the federal government. Finding a good bug-out location is a matter of exploring potential areas near your current location, beginning with tools such as maps and Google Earth and then on the ground by actually getting out there and pounding the ground a little bit.
You need to find a BOL that will sustain life with water, food and good soil to grow a garden. Some of the best BOL can be in very hard to reach locations and others can be in wide open areas, but you will need a BOL that will be safe and not so hard to defend. If you set up on a great site and have food, water and a nice garden if you are not in a safe place or you can't defend your area the first set of bad guys that come by will take everything you have worked for and in a collapse event I'm sure they will not just let you go on about your way with a few lumps and a unhappy feeling. Life in a post collapse world will be dog eat dog and every day will be a fight for life. So when you pick a BOL make sure you cover the true points of a survival retreat:
#1 To provide safety and security
#2 Must have a source of water (well, river, lake, pond or stream)
#3 Must have a source of food (hunting, fishing or farm with livestock)
#4 Must have good soil to grow food
#5 Fruit trees or nut trees would be nice
#6 Shelter in place or easy to build (cabin, Small house, Barn or other shelter)
#7 Trees for fire wood and it would be nice to have a cord or two cut and ready to go
#8 BOL or retreat should be in a remote area and a little hard to get to, this will cut down on the walking dead who just wander by. After the collapse the walking dead will use up all the supplies in town and move out to the country so you will want to be off the main road and off any side roads. The harder it is to get to you the safer you will be.
#9 Area should have a high point where you can post a look out (Tower, hill, big tree or something you can go up on and check out the area around you.
#10 Survival Cache Containers, you must have supplies cached at you BOL or retreat.

This is just my two cents on a bug out location. Time is short and the collapse in near.

Life goes on.........will you?

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  1. Beware of gov't land.
    In a Weimar Republic scenario, the land may become the property of China.
    Or, if TPTB stumble upon you after TSHTF, everything you have now becomes the property of The Peoples Republic.
    Just a thought to keep in the back of your head.