The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Urban Plan of Survival

Need for a Bug Out Plan

Having a plan of action is critical in any survival situation. Any good Urban Survival plan should have a way to find food, water and other supplies within walking distance of your home. It should also include multiple routes to get out of the area should the need arise.

Urban Survival Plan
Get detailed maps of your area (or download one from Google maps). Plot out all the routes to where you can find various supplies during an emergency situation.

WATER – Ponds, streams, rivers, pools, wells or whatever other sources of water are near your area need to be plotted out in detail.
How far are they from your location?
How much water can you obtain from the source?
Are there water sources where you can bathe and wash clothes?
What are the risks associated with obtaining water from the source?
Are there safety issues that you may encounter and how will you overcome them?
Can you stay hidden along your route?
Make a cart or wagon to help move water to your retreat.
Have a filter and know how to use it.

FOOD - Know where to hunt, fish, and look for wild edible plants. And know where the stores, malls, restaurants, and other sources of dry and canned food.
Where can you find wild game around your area?
Are there area where you can easily set traps & snares?
What are the edible wild plants in your area?
Are there farms in your area? Local gardens?
What are the risks associated with transporting food in your area?
Are there safety issues that you may encounter and how will you overcome them?
Can you stay hidden along your route?
Know where stores, restaurants, drug stores and other places you can find food.

ESCAPE ROUTES – Having multiple escape routes is extremely important and should not be overlooked. Make sure you study your routes, and know them well! You should make a dry run of all your routes from time to time to make sure they are still a good route to use.
Find routes that have multiple other escape routes via the original trail.
Are there hiking trails in your area?
Are there train tracks in your area?
How easy is it to stay hidden while walking along your route?
Is there a river you can safely follow?
Make sure you also know where to find food and water along your escape routes.
Put a stock of caches along your routes to help you get out of danger.

Bug Out Location - Have one or two locations you can bug out to and have supplies there to help with your survival, the supplies will have to be hidden or cached so no on will still them.
Make sure the BOL is secure and safe.
One you get there check everything, look for any signs that people have been around.
Once you are set up and running you will need to have guards on duty to keep a good look out.
Your new retreat is now your new home but you will need a new bug out plan incase you need to move from you new location. Remember that a good survivalist will have a back up plan to the back up plan.

Survival Gear - Stuff you must have!
Guns and ammo (lots of ammo) you should have ammo at you BOL and in the caches along the way. You can never have too much. And having a few extra guns at the BOL is a good idea too.
Medical supplies, you can always use them if not today, I’m sure you will need them someday down the road. If you come across medical supplies take them!
Clothes and shoe’s, you need extras at the BOL and even in a caches or two. A good pair of boots and new socks can really make your day if your boots are messed up.
Tools and building supplies, have them at your BOL you will need them!
Maps, radios, knifes, gun cleaning gear and many other supplies are a must so have them at your BOL and you need most in your BOB (bug out bag)


  1. Pete,
    There's a lot of really good information there, but one part of it makes me bristle...

    "Are there farms in your area? Local gardens?"

    Please don't advocate stealing from farms and gardens. It's not a moral/ethics/right&wrong's a "you're gonna get capped in the a$$ if you steal out of my garden" thing.

    I can't think of a quicker, more sure-fire way to get yourself shot than raiding a farmer's field of his livestock. And we gardeners...we only look sweet and unsuspecting :)

  2. I would never advocate stealing, my thought was after a SHTF event and the gardens/farms left empty or has no one around. I'm sure that will be a hard thing to find, but It's still a good thing to look for so as to have a place to barter and deal with. And Andrea I can understand how you would shot me if I was stealing from you, because your garden will be a link to your life and the life of your family. But I must tell you that in very bad times if I need something I will take it or die trying. When the shit hits the fan I hope I'm stocked up enough to never need to push my needs on others, but in a life or death event I will do what I need to to live and I'm sure you would do the same. Believe me I would never just steal to have extra and I would never hurt someone if there was any other way to get around it. You know as well as I do that when this mess all goes down it's going to be very bad for so many people.

  3. You make good points, Pete. It's hard to imagine things getting so bad that we'd steal to survive...but I'm sure we'd all do things we wouldn't be proud of to ensure our family's survival.

    I just want you to understand how the other side (ruralites/farmers/gardeners) sees things when comments are made that 'I'll just find a farm' or 'my neighbor has a garden'. I know only 1 farmer who doesn't own a firearm large enough to take down a full-grown beef. And you're much smaller than a full-grown beef.

    And yes, your neighbor may have a garden...but she also has a 6 year old that can hit a 2L bottle from 7 yards. And you're a much bigger target than a 2L bottle :)

    Just sayin...with much love

  4. LOL.....I hope I didn't make my area sound like some sort of scary, redneck/hilljack heaven. We're really friendly people...until you steal our cow or rob us of our fresh veggies!

  5. Pete, the best plan is getting out of urban/suburban areas ASAP. Especially if you have no place out in the country to go to specifically, with friends or family. Your plan for the RV/mobility is the best IMHO. Mobility equals Freedom. Being tied to a house equals slavery. Unless you have some rural acreage, property "ownership" is no longer a measure of wealth and independence...

  6. Not at all Andrea, you need to remember that I'm a good old boy from North Carloina and know all about the farm and the kind of people who farm and the skill they have with a firearm. And you are 100% right you could get a much better out come with asking for some food that stealing it. 99% of the people that had a farm back home would have helped just about anyone out with a little food but on the other hand they would blast you with the 12ga for stealing. And to let you know I'm from redneck/hillbilly heaven:)

  7. I'm glad we're on the same page, Pete.