The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall And Winter Checklist

In the late fall nobody wants to be doing chores around the house. It's time to snuggle in by the fire and stay out of the cold. But...there are a few items that should really be taken care of before the weather gets too cold and brutal. This may only be a partial list for some people due to your location. I consider this to be a list for average climates. I recommend you print this list for use around the house and add the unlisted items that you should do for your climate or area.

Change furnace filters and if needed replace thermometer battery
Check smoke detector battery
Check fire extinguisher
Clean and turn on humidifier
Wash windows
Have chimney and flue cleaned
Have furnace professionally checked, cleaned, and tested
Turn off and drain garden hose spigots and cover if needed
Check weather stripping around doors and windows (replace as needed)
Have furniture and carpets cleaned to help cut down indoor pollution

Put away patio furniture
Drain and store garden hoses
Check around doors and windows for gaps, caulk as needed
Wash windows
Put up storm windows
Put away or cover grill (make sure gas is turned off)
Clean gutters and downspouts (important to keep ice build-ups minimal)
Check your roof for any problems and sweep or use a leaf-blower to clean off you roof.
Put up Holiday lights and decorations (the holidays will be here before you know it)
Trim trees and shrubs away from house
Chop and stack firewood closer to the house, cover if needed (order firewood if you've been lazy)

Winterize lawn equipment
Seal concrete floor to keep salt damage minimal
Set rodent traps if you have an attached garage
Get snow blower running and ready
Find snow shovel
Clean and oil all tools that need it

Apply winter fertilizer to lawn
Mow lawn for last time to keep matting of grass to a minimum
Rake leaves
Stake driveway sides to mark for plow if needed
Check yard for any needed repairs (walk and look at everything)

Remove dead plants
Cover perennial plants with a thick layer of mulch
Wrap or protect shrubs from winter winds
Turn soil for next year
Harvest late crops before first heavy freeze

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