The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Are In Big Trouble!!!!

The dollar is going down the drain. I think that our time is running out and the collapse is coming even faster than I first thought. If you look at the commodities market over the last 3, 6, 12 months you can see a pattern that is scary. Across the board you can see that most every item is going up and some of the items are going up at a crazy rate. What is different now than 3, 6, or 12 months ago? A troy oz of gold is still the same and a barrel of oil is still a barrel of oil, so what is different? I will tell you what is different the dollar is worth less today than months ago. Every few months the dollar is slipping down and as it slips the price of the commodities go up. Here is last weeks commodities list and the gains:

Oil                     + 1.70         Barrel
Heating Oil        + 0.0161     Gallon
Natural Gas       - 0.138        BTU's
Unleaded Gas   + 0.0297      Gallon

Gold                  +1.70          Oz
Silver                 + 0.189       Oz
Copper              + 0.285       Pound

Corn                  +22.50         Bushel
Soybeans           +32.50         Bushel
Wheat                +22.75         Bushel

Lean Hogs           +0.60
Pork Bellies            0.00
Cattle                    -0.01

Cocoa                    +14.00
Coffee                     -1.05
Cotton                    +2.16
Sugar                      +0.74

The good news is the if you like coffee it went down but I'm sure you will not see it it the store, because the Oil and Gas to get the coffee to this country and to the store has gone up. We are in a big bubble that is about to pop and when it pops all hell is going to break lose. The walking dead will run for the stores and buy everything that's not nailed down. Be smart and stock up on food now, don't wait till it's to late. You don't have to go out a buy a full year to start with, just start with a week or two and add to it but start now because time is very short. Prep like your life depends on it, because it will!
Life goes on.........will you? 

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  1. Pete we really are in big trouble and I see no way out except prepping and a little luck!