The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


OK guys and gals how much do you spend on prepping a month? Do you guys budget it or whenever you have some extra cash? What is always first on your list (ammo, guns, food, water, etc...)? And do you plan your prep time each week or do you just work on your prep's when you can?  I think my new years plan is to do better with my prepping plans.......

Sunday, December 15, 2013

If You Can't Handle The Flames!!!!!!!

I feel like so many people in this country just need to run up to the Dragon and kick it in the ass! So damn many people in this country are asleep it makes me sick! I see them all the time in the state of the Dead "California" The Walking Dead Libtards. I hope we can move soon! I thought we would be out of here  before 2014 but looks like one or two more years and we are gone. I am in in Beaufort, SC and Charlotte, NC for Christmas this year so I get to see family and friends and it's so damn nice to be back in the land of country food and nice people. Will be hard to go home to CA in a few weeks.
But back to the Walking Dead that will follow Obama and his fools to the end. It makes me sick to watch the damn news and see the lies that everyone, well most everyone will take for face value and trust everything that fool Obama has to say. I don't know where or what shape this country will be in when Obama walks out of the White House and when he is gone what fool will we get next? Will the next one be worse or better? And will we every get one again we can trust?
I say don't every Tickle the Dragon, Kick him in the backside as hard as you can and then stand your ground!!!!!! Let him make the net move!!!!!

Stay Strong and make your stand!!!!!! Lock and Load!!!!!! A fight is coming.......Just Wait!!!!!!!!

Sorry Been A Long Time

I would like to say I'm sorry if any of you still follow my blog been a long time with a post. I am back at it and will be posting everyday. I know with all the crazy stuff going on in the world I would have had a ton of stuff to blog about. I will pick up where I left off and get back to work. and after the new year I plan a big giveaway........So keep an eye out for it!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Info To Know

78 Skills Everyone Should Know
Survival  is based largely on two things: a positive mental attitude  and  knowledge. With those two covered, you can make up for any lack of   tools. Knowledge doesn’t break, wear out, and short of forgetting a thing or two, you generally can’t lose it.
Below, is a list of skills that everyone should know.   This is by no means a “complete” list because there is always room to   learn more, and the more you know, the greater your chances of survival.   But this will give you a solid foundation and a far broader skill set   than most people. Everyone should know how to:
  1. Drive a stick shift
  2. Swim
  3. Start a fire without matches or a lighter
  4. Build a garden
  5. Use herbal remedies
  6. Produce beer/wine
  7. Build your local community
  8. Tan leather
  9. Cure/smoke meat
  10. Make soap
  11. Construct animal/fish traps
  12. Make activated charcoal
  13. Survive hypothermia
  14. Properly load a backpack
  15. Conduct basic repairs (home, auto, equipment, etc.)
  16. Operate a ham radio
  17. Defend yourself without a weapon
  18. Identify surveillance
  19. Build a rainwater collection system
  20. Weld
  21. Accurately fire an arrow
  22. Dehydrate food
  23. Construct snowshoes
  24. Build a raft with a tarp
  25. Navigate using the stars
  26. Right an overturned raft
  27. Build with stone/brick (basic masonry)
  28. Cut down a  tree with an ax
  29. Forage for food
  30. Sew and/or make clothing
  31. Pilot a boat
  32. Shoot a firearm accurately
  33. Find water
  34. Utilize camouflage
  35. Construct a pond
  36. Can food
  37. Ski
  38. Dig a latrine
  39. Build with wood (basic carpentry)
  40. Determine authenticity of gold and silver
  41. Rappel
  42. Follow a trail/tracking
  43. Use less-lethal weapons (baton, stun gun, pepper spray, etc.)
  44. Metal working (blacksmith)
  45. Lose a tail
  46. Operate power tools
  47. Construct a splint
  48. Open a can without a can opener
  49. Drive a motorcycle
  50. Construct a net
  51. Identify animals by tracks and/or scat
  52. Patch a tire
  53. Reload ammunition
  54. Build a bow and arrow
  55. Administer first aid
  56. Identify venomous snakes
  57. Accurately fire a slingshot
  58. Make candles
  59. Raise fish (for food)
  60. Distill water/alcohol
  61. Hot wire a car
  62. Cook without a stove
  63. Survive heat injuries
  64. Raise livestock
  65. Find tinder
  66. Create fertile soil
  67. Make charcloth
  68. Properly store food
  69. Survive a riot
  70. Sharpen a knife
  71. Butcher livestock
  72. Purify water
  73. Make leather products (sheathes, holsters, boots, etc.)
  74. Hunt and fish
  75. Cast bullets
  76. Maintain a bee hive
  77. Use hand tools
  78. Tie a knot

I have posted this before but is great info!!!!!!

Top 100 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency
1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.)
2. Water Filters/Purifiers
3. Portable Toilets
4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 - 12 months to become dried, for home uses.
5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps (First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
6. Coleman Fuel. Impossible to stockpile too much.
7. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats & Slingshots.
8. Hand-can openers, & hand egg beaters, whisks.
9. Honey/Syrups/white, brown sugar
10. Rice - Beans - Wheat
11. Vegetable Oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
12. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid (Will become scarce suddenly)
13. Water Containers (Urgent Item to obtain.) Any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY - note - food grade if for drinking.
16. Propane Cylinders (Urgent: Definite shortages will occur.)
17. Survival Guide Book.
18. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (Without this item, longer-term lighting is difficult.)
19. Baby Supplies: Diapers/formula. ointments/aspirin, etc.
20. Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry)
21. Cookstoves (Propane, Coleman & Kerosene)
22. Vitamins
23. Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item)
24. Feminine Hygiene/Haircare/Skin products.
25. Thermal underwear (Tops & Bottoms)
26. Bow saws, axes and hatchets, Wedges (also, honing oil)
27. Aluminum Foil Reg. & Heavy Duty (Great Cooking and Barter Item)
28. Gasoline Containers (Plastic & Metal)
29. Garbage Bags (Impossible To Have Too Many).
30. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels
31. Milk - Powdered & Condensed (Shake Liquid every 3 to 4 months)
32. Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) (A MUST)
33. Clothes pins/line/hangers (A MUST)
34. Coleman's Pump Repair Kit
35. Tuna Fish (in oil)
36. Fire Extinguishers (or..large box of Baking Soda in every room)
37. First aid kits
38. Batteries (all furthest-out for Expiration Dates)
39. Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies
40. Big Dogs (and plenty of dog food)
41. Flour, yeast & salt
42. Matches. {"Strike Anywhere" preferred.) Boxed, wooden matches will go first
43. Writing paper/pads/pencils, solar calculators
44. Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Wintertime.)
45. Workboots, belts, Levis & durable shirts
46. Flashlights/LIGHTSTICKS & torches, "No. 76 Dietz" Lanterns
47. Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (jot down ideas, feelings, experience; Historic Times)
48. Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting - if with wheels)
49. Men's Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc
50. Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)
51. Fishing supplies/tools
52. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams
53. Duct Tape
54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
55. Candles
56. Laundry Detergent (liquid)
57. Backpacks, Duffel Bags
58. Garden tools & supplies
59. Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies
60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
61. Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)
62. Canning supplies, (Jars/lids/wax)
63. Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel
64. Bicycles...Tires/tubes/pumps/chains, etc
65. Sleeping Bags & blankets/pillows/mats
66. Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)
67. Board Games, Cards, Dice
68. d-con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer
69. Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
70. Paper plates/cups/utensils (stock up, folks)
71. Baby wipes, oils, waterless & Antibacterial soap (saves a lot of water)
72. Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
73. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
74. Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)
75. Soysauce, vinegar, bullions/gravy/soupbase
76. Reading glasses
77. Chocolate/Cocoa/Tang/Punch (water enhancers)
78. "Survival-in-a-Can"
79. Woolen clothing, scarves/ear-muffs/mittens
80. Boy Scout Handbook, / also Leaders Catalog
81. Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
82. Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky
83. Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
84. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, etc. (extras)
85. Lumber (all types)
86. Wagons & carts (for transport to and from)
87. Cots & Inflatable mattress's
88. Gloves: Work/warming/gardening, etc.
89. Lantern Hangers
90. Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws,, nuts & bolts
91. Teas
92. Coffee
93. Cigarettes
94. Wine/Liquors (for bribes, medicinal, etc,)
95. Paraffin wax
96. Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
97. Chewing gum/candies
98. Atomizers (for cooling/bathing)
99. Hats & cotton neckerchiefs
100. Livestock

Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn

10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn

A lot of people who are just getting into survivalism, whether they’re the Average Joe putting back extra groceries or a someone who just become interested in a self reliant lifestyle. A lot of these people believe that all you need to make it is an AR-15, 10,000 rounds of ammo and a bunker full of food. Nothing could be more from the truth!
If you’re looking to move into rural America or you planning on staying put where you are in the suburbs, there are a few skills that will become very helpful to you should the SHTF.
These skills can be learned rather easily and may provide beneficial to you beyond your dreams. Some can be learned by reading a book or watching a video while others will require you attending a few classes at your local community college. Here’s my list of skills every survivalist should learn.


WelderLearning to stick weld is not that hard. You just want to get proficient enough to be able to know which rods to use or which amp setting to use so you can join two pieces of metal. It’s not like you’re planning on making welds on the Alaskan Pipeline. Are you?
Many community colleges now give classes on Welding. And they are very reasonable. Once you own a welder, you’ll find a million and one uses for it. Not to mention should you ever need some extra cash, you can barter or start your own small welding business on the side.
The little Lincoln cracker boxes are 220V welders that can be picked up cheap in a lot of places such as Pawn Shops or Craigslist. These are great for nearly any situation you’ll find yourself needing a welder in a survival situation. But they require a 220V power source. A better choise for the Self Reliant family is a portable generator/welder combo. This way you can take your welder with you plus have the convienance of a portable generator. Honda, Lincoln and Hobart as well as others all make excellent combo units. Just stay away from the cheapies, especially if they’re from China or Indonesia. They may be fine or they may leave you swearing.


Knowing how to repair your generator motor or any other small engine (such as Garden tractors, pumps, etc) is a must. Sure, you could either take it into town or call a repair guy out to your place, but in a crisis situation, do you really want to put yourself at that risk? Once again your local community college will come to the rescue. Many have classes over basic and advanced small engine repair. Once you’ve learned the basics, the rest is a piece of cake.
So the next time your butterfly sticks closed or your magneto isn’t firing, you’ll know why and more importantly, you’ll know how to fix it!


No, I’m not talking about grabbing a can of worms and heading off to a stream. I’m talking about putting up a ton of fish quickly. If you even live remotely close to a large body of water such as a lake, river or pond, you should learn how to catch a lot of fish and do it quickly.
Learn how to make fish traps, nets and trotlines. Then learn how to use them properly.
Many fish have seasonal spawns where they will congregate in schools and move in mass to spawning areas. Most everyone knows that Salmon do this, but fish that live in lakes and rivers do this as well. Stripers, White Bass, Crappie, Walleye and many others spawn this way.
There are many fine books on the market that will teach you these skills. Memphis Net and Twine has a wonderful catelog that includes trawl and gill nets plus many supplies to help you achieve this goal.
Be warned, many of these techniques are illegal in a lot of States. Be sure to read the regulations for your area before trying any of these techniques out. Of course, in a survival or emergency situation, you’ll probably be more worried about eating than getting a fine!


This skill will come in very handy for those of you who wish to raise your own livestock and to take advantage of the Wild Game in your area. You may need to connect with another like minded individual who already knows how to do this and convince them to show you as well. Learning how to properly cut up an animal, whether it’s a Deer, Cow or Chicken, is a valuable skill that every survivalist or person wanting to be self sufficient should learn.
Many butchers in my area charge 50 cents per pound on the hoof to kill, butcher and package a Steer. If you’ve got a 800 pound steer to put up, that can add up to a lot of money. I’ve even heard some butchers charging 75 cents per pound or more to do this!
Deer typically cost at least $50 and many times more to have processed.
Save yourself some money and learn to do it yourself!


rabbittrapTrapping gives the self sufficient person or survivalist a whole other avenue for procuring fresh meat.  Unlike hunting, traps that you set are working for you around the clock. You can also set a lot of traps in order to cover a wide area. This increases your chance of catching something for the Supper table.
What’s more important is knowing what type of trap to use in order to catch your intended target. If you’re wanting to catch a Wolf, then you’ll be sorely disappointed if you use a trap or snare intended for a Mink.
The Survivalist needs to know how to use Snares, Live/Box traps, leg hold traps and body gripper traps. All have their use in the Survivalist tool shed!
Snares can be used in a survival situation to catch everything from Rabbits to big game animals like Deer and Bear.
Most States have a Trappers Association. They routinely have meetings or weekend get-togethers where there are seminars on basic and advanced trapping. There’s always something for beginners. Look yours up and get on the list today.


If you’re living the Self Reliant lifestyle or you’re a Survivalist, then chances are good you have some firearms around, or you should! But do you know how to fix those guns if they break? Can you disassemble your guns, clean them and reassemble them and have them work properly? Sadly, from what I’ve seen, most people can’t. Some believe they can, but their idea of cleaning is spraying a half can of WD-40 into the action and calling it clean.
Do you keep spare parts around for your guns? Probably not. But you should and you should learn how to fix a firearm if it breaks, especially the military type firearms.
Brownell’s has a huge library of Video’s and Books on Gunsmithing. Grab yourself some that cover your type of guns and learn how to clean and repair them.


Can you plumb a wall, build a barn, square up walls or plumb a house? If not, these skills are easily learned. Your local community college may come to your rescue again. If you’re the type that can learn from a book, then you can find many fine books on building and carpentry at If you live near a Barnes and Noble, they have a decent list of books as well.
These skills are necessary should we face a long term crisis. Carpentry, Electrical and Plumbing skills will all be in demand and you could make a lot of friends quickly if you the one in your area who knows how to fix things.


autorepairThis is close to the Small Engine repair skills you’ll need, but on a much larger scale. You’ll need to learn basic maintenance and repair skills and obtain some advance skills like possibly being able to rebuild an engine or transmission. If you have a newer computer controlled vehickle, then these skills will be more important. Older, non-computer controlled vehicles are much easier to work on than those built today.
Also, depending on who you listen too, these older vehicles may give you some protection from EMP attacks. No sensitive electronics to be fried in case of an attack.
At the very least, you should be able to change a tire, break a tire down and repair it with basic hand tools, change out starters, alternators, water and fuel pups. If you can’t do these simple chores, you’d better have money or another vehicle to rely upon should one go down.
You should also be able to tune an engine and adjust carbs and troubleshoot your vehicle. This may all sound intimidating, but all are easily learned skills.


I have to confess. This is one skill I don’t have right now, but I’m certainly going to work on it very soon. In the case of a disaster, a HAM radio will allow you to communicate with the outside World to find out what’s going on.
There are plenty of books and courses on operating a HAM radio, all that is required is a little time and effort.
After Hurricane Ike struck, we were without power for two weeks. At the end of this time, I was really getting use to not having a TV blaring every day or phones ringing. I was very content to hang around my home while cleaning up the debris left by the Hurricane. Once we got power back on, I was amazed at how much news I’d missed out on. I was also amazed at how much useless information we have coming at us everyday without realizing it!
Learn to use a HAM radio. Get your license, find out what type of equipment you really need and get going!


It’s easy to assume that all self reliant families or survivalist know how to hunt. But that isn’t the case. Many don’t even have the skills to find and harvest squirrels or rabbits, not to mention big game. To be successful on a regular basis, these skills will have to be learned and will usually take some time. It’s not as easy as going out to the City park and pot shooting city squirrels.
You can bet that when the SHTF, others will be out putting food on the table. The same food that should be headed to your table!
Most hunting skills can’t  be learned from a book or video. Your best bet is to find someone who is successful and tag along. have them show you what to look for and specifics on each game animal. At the very least, you’ll need to get out in the woods and watch how animals exist in their part of the World. Once you understand how animals move and use the woods, you’ll be on the right path to being a good hunter.


Yeah, there are other important skills I could have used at #10, or any number for that matter, but knowing advanced life saving first aid skills should be the goal of every person who is prepping for the worse. It’s just good common sense that you should know these skills. And I’m talking about skills that go above and beyond those taught in basic first aid classes.
You should know how to treat major wounds, such as a sucking chest wound, until help can arrive. Could you set a broken bone? How about removing a bullet? It’s not as simple as some macho guy on TV makes it look. You’ll have to assume at one point during a crisis, you’re first aid skills will be needed. If not by you, then possibly by a family member or friend. You may be their only hope for surviving.
This is my top 10 list. If you don’t know these, then you should be working on learning them. If you do know these skills, then start your own top 10! Remember, these are only the skills you’ll need to start if you want to be truly self sufficient or become a true survivor.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's Next With The Syria Deal

With the coming event in Syria, I'm sure we will at least hit them with a one time attack if not more. With chemical weapons being used the world will be blind and want a quick response to this evil. My question is where did the attack come from and who is the evil behind the attack, I hope we (The USA) find the truth in the attack before we jump to make an attack of our own. My point to this post is that if we do attack Syria it will set off a row of dominoes falling that could end up with the start of World War III, so get your home ready. Have a Bug Out Bag and Bug Out Kit with food, water and needed items the survive on the run or on the road. Get needed papers and personal items ready to go if needed. I pray this will all pass with no real trouble but with all the posturing of the Big Countries I see trouble down the road. Get Ready.......

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sheep, Fools and The American Way Of Life

The new American way of life is to sit back and follow everything that the boob tube tells them! The news is 99% lies and about 1% half truth, but the sheeple of the country sit back and take it in like its the "Word Of God" and how dare you say any different to the fact! Well my dear Sheep you are being lied to every day of your sick weak life!
Now this news is not news to some of us. I'm sure a large percent of the people that read my blog know that the sheep are asleep and are sure to die or live a life in a FEMA camp. We, Being the awake and alert people to the real truth and the false flag lies of this Government know that doom is only a short time away. The coming collapse will be the worse event ever, and this country and the people of this country are not ready. I would bet that 3-5% of this country are ready for a full collapse. I know I have food and ways to hunt, fish and grow food, water and ways to clean water store and move water, guns, ammo and many other supplies but at times I sit and look at my gear and my stores and think do I have what I need? Will this be what I need to survive? If you are a survivalist or prepper and trust me there is a difference in the two you should always question your gear and your supplies. You should check and recheck your gear to make sure you have what you need and you can add what is missing.
There is a new wave of prepper shows and survival adds in books and on TV and many new survival magazines and many people are going out and buying this stuff and thinking they are ready. I go to shoot and much as I can and still feel like I am not as good a shooter as I could be, I store food or other supplies every week and still feel if I need more or I still don't have what I need to survive. My question is how can someone that started prepping on Monday this week tell me on Sunday the next week he is ready to survive because he now has enough food for an extra two weeks and he bought a baseball bat and a flash light? I think the TV shows are fun to watch like, Doomsday Preppers it's fun to see the fools they get to show off each week and make look crazy and sometimes the people still look OK and do a great job at showing off there plans to survive but as every week the last thing after each block of the show they tell you how what they are planning for could never happen there is only a 2% chance it would ever happen!!!! It's as fun as watching old Looney Toons cartoons, with one twist the show and the Chanel and the network is making fun of a group of people and most of us fit into that group. We are just to smart to go on a show to let everyone around us see what we have and what our plan is......... Keep your preps to yourself and only tell people you trust with your life because when the Doom event hits that real nice family at the end of the street the one with three kids a dog and two cats. When the collapse hits they will show up at your door because they know you have extra and you have to share! How can you let them die and just remember you have so much! The sheeple are asleep and the only thing that can wake them is the truth and them having a "Come To Jesus Event" or the collapse hitting. Trust me when the collapse hits the sheeple will wake up very fast and then you are there best friend and you owe them!!!!  
Stay awake and keep prepping!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Picking a Winner This Weekend

Going to pick a winner this weekend so post a comment and have a shot to win a great book and maybe something more!!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Put The Old Name Back

Never should of changed it! Go to the giveaway and post a comment and win a Book or other items!!!!!! Check it out!!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Giveaway!!!!!!

This will be 1st prize!!!!
There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prize and I will let you in on them in a day or two.

Here is how to win: Post a comment to this giveaway and answer this question,

How and when do you think the collapse will start?

Thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 Emergency Medications

You might have a splitting headache from stress, upset stomach from spoiled food, caught a cold, suffer from allergies, or any number of other illnesses that can turn deadly if not treated. That’s why having basic medications like pseudoephedrine, cortisone, and ibuprofen can come in handy during a Zombie Outbreak or other emergency situation.
Many medical professionals recommend that every Emergency Kit and B.O.B. contain each of the 10 over-the-counter medications listed below. We suggest stocking generic brands whenever possible, as they work just the same, but often cost much less than their name-brand counterparts.
1. Ibuprofen – (Advil) Ibuprofen can be used to relieve headaches, earaches, sore throats, sinus pain, muscle strains, cramps, arthritis, and back pain. It’s also effective for reducing fever, and when combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol), it can be near effective a painkiller as codeine.
2. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) – Acetaminophen doesn’t irritate stomachs like ibuprofen sometimes can, but it’s useful for treatment of the same basic conditions. You do have to be careful about taking too much though, especially when combined with alcohol, as it can lead to liver, kidney, and other organ failure.
3. Certiriazine (Zyrtec and Reactine) – A highly effective antihistamine, certiriazine can be used to help in the drainage of fluids from nasal allergies and respiratory infections. It will also help ease hives and itching caused by some allergens. Though rare, some users experience slight drowsiness, urinary retention, blurred vision, nightmares and stomach ache after taking a dose of certiriazine… none of which you want when you’re on the run… but then again, being without this could leave you in the same situation.
4. Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) – A non-drowsy alternate to diphenhydramine, pseudophedrine is used to relieve nasal congestion caused by allergies and colds. But like diphenhyramine, it wont treat the cause of your symptoms or quicken recovery time; it will only make things a little more bearable.
5. Loperamide (Imodium) – Available as both a tablet and liquid, loperamide is used to control diarrhea, and can be useful in relieving intestinal cramping.
6. Ranitidine (Zantac) – Used to effectively treat ulcers and heartburn, ranitidine is one of the most user-friendly and inexpensive acid-reducing medications.
7. Meclizine (Dramamine) – Meclizine is used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting, and dizziness caused by motion sickness or vertigo. Unfortunately it is most effective if taken before symptoms appear, and some users may experience slight drowsiness.
8. Hydrocortisone cream – Low-strength hydrocortisone cream can be used for temporary relief of minor skin irritations and rashes caused by insect bites, poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, detergents, soaps, or eczema. This is extremely helpful if you’re traveling through wooded, brushy, or buggy areas.
9. Bacitracin ointment – Used to prevent minor skin infections caused by small cuts, scrapes, or burns. Bacitracin ointment should not be used to treat deeper wounds or infections, and may cause intense irritation if attempted. Preventing infection during a disaster situation is of the utmost importance. Wounds, no matter how small, should be treated as soon as possible.
10. Clotrimazole (Gyne-Lotrimin) An anti-fungal medication, clotrimazole can be used to treat yeast infections of the vagina, mouth, and skin such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Available as a cream, lotion, and powder, it’s easy to carry and we bet you’ll need it after walking 20 miles in a pair of wet shoes.
We know it might seem like you’ll have to carry an entire pharmacy around, but remember that these medications just might save your life, or at least make it a little easier for a time.
*We would like to remind everyone that none of us at Zombease are certified medical professionals, and the information above was gathered from outside sources. It is important that you seek the advice of a certified medical professional before making any choices that affect your health, and that you research any and all medications before using them.
This was found at