The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


You may need this word in your vocabulary. It may come in handy when we are talking politics.

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Same Old Stuff!!!!

Well here we are again going into a weekend and the same old news is going on. The stock market is up and down, yesterday it was up big and today last I looked it was only up 23 points, but it all fake any way. I know as most of you do that the stock market is messed with and manipulated to fool the walking dead into thinking the country is fine and all is OK with the world. But we all know the there house of cards will soon fall and when it does fall it will bring on a shit storm like none ever seen before. Just think of all the people who have their retirement 100% in the stock market or even 50%, if the market falls and drops 75-90%. How will they act and what will the walking dead do? If the market dropped that much this country would be dead. But I think it's dead now because the dollar is dead and the fools in office just keep propping the dollar up and they are running out of props. The only way to be safe is to prep and store food, water and other needed supplies. I don't care how you do it or where you buy your food, just do it and do it now!!! Our time is short and with every day you let slip by, that is just one more day lost and one less day of supplies for the collapse. Take the time to make a plan and start prepping and make the time to do this, it only takes a few hours a week and in no time you will have weeks of needed supplies and before you know it you will have a month or more. And with a little time and good planning you will have food and supplies for a year. And just think how good you will feel after you have food for a year for you and your family?
Start today with a plan and get to work on it!!
Store needed items for survival....
Get a gun and know how to use, clean and repair it!!! And have lots of ammo for it!!!!!
And read, read, read and learn new skills to survive, I try to learn a new skill every 6 months!
Have gear, know how to use, clean, repair and care for it!!!
And remember that one is none and two is one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter Is On It's Way

Last night it was cold here down into the 40's and I know to most of you that just made you laugh out loud. But here in the sunny state of California the 40's and 30's is cold. And with the cold we will have the rain and wind, it's so crazy here because it will not rain for 200 days in a row and then as soon as the end of October and the first of November gets here the rain starts and it rains off and on till the first of March. The weather here is so funny to me being from North Carolina.
So with the cold weather we need to make or kits ready for that weather with the right gear like,
Wool Socks
Rain gear
Hand Warmers

We have to update or Bug Out Bag, car kit and office kit for the new weather and the needs that come with it. Stay ahead of the weather and have your kit ready to go. Keep a list of items for each of your kits that need to be moved as each new set of weather or seasons moves in. And with the list you can keep dates of items that need to be replaced or removed. Be a survivalist is being ready and the best way to be ready it to have a plan and stick to it. Make the time to plan you kits and plan to update them as needed. Because one day it will save your life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I found this years ago and it's a good read.

ROADBLOCKS by Kurt Saxon  

Following a nuclear war or total socio-economic collapse,
surviving city populaces will panic. Every highway out of every
sizeable city and town will be crowded with refugees. Most main
highways will become clogged to the point of disuse with wrecked
     With escape as the only alternative to death, drivers of
wrecked, broken down or hopelessly blocked vehicles will commandeer
any available vehicle, even if they have to kill the less
aggressive drivers. Ruthless survivors will siphon the fuel from
stalled vehicles, taking also anything they can from their owners.
     Between large cities and towns, homes will be looted by these
desperate escapees, moving usually singly until they reach smaller
towns. You can well imagine that any glut of such survivors
reaching a small town will be a potentially dangerous lot and will
have to be prevented from entering unchecked.
     Regardless of your town's officials' attitudes toward such
probabilities, now, roadblocks will be set up after the first
influx of refugees hits. Even the most apathetic mayor will then
order martial law concerning the townspeople and especially the
     All too many officials will be mentally and emotionally
unprepared and so will be likely to impose total roadblocks,
forcing the refugees to turn back. This will be a mistake, as the
gathering of mobs of frustrated refugees will only create the kind
of Killer Caravans described in my last editorial. Such caravans
would endanger the towns, as they would destroy the counties'
farmers and resources the townsmen will need to survive.
     Roadblocks can be set up which will benefit both the townsmen
and the refugees. Such roadblocks would be checkpoints and
relocation centers, rather than total barricades causing more chaos
than they were meant to prevent.
     Aside from a number of criminal types among the refugees, the
majority would be only desperate, shortsighted but otherwise decent
people. There would also be many who had relatives and refuges
further on. Then, there would be many among the refugees which the
town would do well to accept, rather than turn away.
     A basic consideration of any potential Warlord would be that
nearly all the manufactured goods used by the townsmen are from the
outside. Most of the processed foods are also trucked in. Any town
cut off from the outside would be in deep trouble if total
isolation were imposed.
     Nearly every town is surrounded by large farms and tracts of
rangeland. The products from these would no longer have an outside
market. Nor would the monocultures, or one crop systems be
practical after the crash. Truck gardening would be the best
system, with refugees growing vegetables and small plots of grains,
rather than, say, multi-acreages of wheat, corn, etc.
     The heavy farm machinery would soon break down and hand labor
would be in great demand. The best course to follow would be to
break up these large holdings into nine acre plots and settle
refugee farmers and manual laborers on them. Of course, the owners
would be recompensed by some barter system or the refugees could
work as sharecroppers.
     Since the town system will have to be completely reorganized,
with cottage industries turning out everything from shoes to nails,
any skills will be in demand. Few small towns have the skilled
workers to keep it going when outside commerce is stopped.
     Machinists, tool and die makers, chemists, plumbers and the
whole caste of skilled laborers will be needed in abundance. The
local skilled workers simply won't be able to handle all the work
needed to keep the town from coming apart.
     All through the various volumes of THE SURVIVOR are crafts and
trades which must be applied if a town is to continue. You can't
expect the locals to be able to develop the skills to implement
them in the time needed to make life continue comfortably.
     Alternative energy systems will have to be constructed to
supply every household. Steam engines will have to be built to
power machinery. The machinery will have to be built to turn out
products no longer available.
     Whereas a small town of 10,000 might seem crowded now, double
and triple the population will be needed to start over. More people
will not be a crowd. Properly dispersed over the unused land, a
city-state can evolve where every pair of hands and every mind will
be usefully occupied.
     Doctors and chemists can keep the hardy segment of the
population healthy, although, at first, many people will die simply
because they can't face an unfamiliar future. So don't fear
overpopulation by outsiders.
     This doesn't mean that every refugee will be welcome or
tolerated. But the refugees will be a source of many of the skills
and knowledge the locals can't supply.
     The roadblocks at every entrance around the town will be to
screen the refugees to determine which should be absorbed into the
population. Those with practical educations and those willing to do
physical labor should be welcomed.
     Those refugees who are obvious criminals, fags, whores, bums
and sundry trash should be hanged. No need to let them go to ravage
and pollute communities outside your area. Whether you like it or
not, the crash will force a culling of the anti-social. Those
parasites who live as predators will be doomed anyway, as austerity
forbids tolerance of the predatory and dissolute.
     The refugees absorbed into the community would also be a
source of supply to the town. The crash will put people on foot and
bicycles and horse carts, unless individuals convert their engines
to use methane. But most of the cars would be a communal resource.
The vehicles can be stripped of wiring, electrical components,
generators, batteries, glass, sheet metal, steel, etc., all useful
for building other things.
     The best way to make a roadblock is to have junked autos
blocking the roadsides. Then, line up about ten autos, five on each
lane, staggered about fifty feet apart. That way, a refugee would
have to slow to about 5 miles an hour and zigzag through.
     Many good and worthwhile people would be distrustful of
roadblocks of any kind. You must make the roadblocks impenetrable
to undesirables but as official and businesslike as possible.
Refugees who simply want a chance for life will welcome authority.
Uniformed officers manning a proper way station will be a
comforting sight to refugees who would expect to get shot or robbed
by a mob of armed civilians manning a roadblock.
     A proper sign for a roadblock would read something like this:
REGISTER."  A park ranger type and a couple of uniformed police and
National Guardsmen would give the decent refugee the confidence to
     Such a roadblock would have to be legitimate and fair. Only if
a person who stopped were an obvious anti-social type should his
property be confiscated. He wouldn't care, since he would be hanged.
     There would be cases criminal types would see the roadblock
ahead, turn, and head back the other way. These would be the most
dangerous people in our decadent society. They must not live.
     Chances are, they would be dopers and murderers who had looted
pharmacies to keep up their habits. They would probably have great
supplies of drugs best used to relieve suffering, of which there
would be a good deal in the town as supplies ran out. Also, they
might have innocent captives, especially girls. Such cars would
also be likely to be full of guns and ammo.
     Perhaps a half-mile below the roadblock should be a series of
overturned vehicles, seemingly wrecks, but placed there to force
any returnees to slow down. Hidden at the side of the road should
be a couple of snipers. As the creeps slow to get around the
wrecks, the driver should be shot. I'd love that assignment.
     When the driver was shot, survivors should be commanded to
leave the vehicle with hands raised. If they should begin firing, a
couple of shotgun blasts should finish them off. Hopefully, the
passengers would get out and surrender and any captives could be
released and taken forward and any criminals who surrendered could
be taken to town and hanged.
     Anyone having a legitimate reason to return from the
roadblock, especially refugees coming from the opposite direction,
should display an official pass prominently on their windshield.
Some might be locals with business in other parts of the county.
Others might just be decent refugees who didn't care to settle in
the town and learned from the townsmen that their destinations were
impossible to reach and chose alternate destinations in the other
direction. Of course, no one should be permitted to go back at
night, since the snipers could not distinguish between legitimates
and criminals.
     Roadblocks could also serve as a compassionate measure for
those who had a distant destination but were uncertain of their
chances of getting there. They could leave their children in the
town in the care of foster parents. If they finally reached their
destination, when travel became safer, they could return for their
children. If they didn't live to return, their children could be
saved to become members of the community.
     The proper us of the roadblock, supervised by the right kind
of Warlord, would not only save the town, but help rebuild
civilization. Through it, professional people, such as teachers,
doctors, scientists, military veterans, etc., could be gleaned from
the otherwise doomed.
     Roadblocks must never be misused. Personal property,
regardless of its nature, must not be confiscated from any decent
refugee, whether he is chosen to become a citizen of town or
decides to move on. Only if he is an obvious predator and is
hanged, should his property be consigned to the common resource pool.
     It may be obvious that a refugee's property was looted from
some store along the way. Even so, he must be allowed to keep it,
again, unless he is an obvious criminal. Unless you know he killed
its owner to get it, you must let him alone.
     During earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters,
looters are shot. But with the collapse of our socio-economic
system or nuclear war, the condition of ruin may, in most cases, be
considered permanent. Therefore, if a store is ownerless and the
area is ruined, looting is simply preserving.
     If a refugee has a carload of merchandise obviously taken from
a store, or even a pharmacy in a blighted area, how do you know he
killed the owner to get it? Would you have passed it up? These are
things you must consider before passing judgment. If you hang a man
for looting in a city no longer habitable, without proof of his
using force, you may be wrong.
     A good way to tell if he is a legitimate opportunist is to
invite him to settle and use the goods for barter. He may not care
to stay. He may want to move on to relatives ahead and barter
there. That must be left up to him.
     If you confiscate his goods and/or hang him as a criminal just
because he has goods you want, you will then be a criminal.
However, if he has a car loaded with narcotics, it might seem
pretty obvious that he's a doper who might well have killed to get
the goods.
     Furthermore, he would not be willing to barter them. If he
were legitimate, he would be willing to turn them over to the
hospital or give a good reason for trading them to a hospital in a
town further away.
     If he were suspect, he could be quarantined for 24 hours. If
he were a doper he would begin to get withdrawal symptoms soon.
Then he could be hanged or O.D.ed and the drugs could be turned
over to the hospital with no guilt on the part of the Warlord.
     However, if he showed no symptoms of drug withdrawal and gave
a reasonable explanation for wanting to keep them, let him go. Any
doctor could tell if his stock were medicinal or chosen especially
for the doper's trade. Let a doctor decide.
     If all these rules are followed, they will provide several
advantages to the community and the culture. The town can give
refuge to hundreds of doctors, scientists, tradesmen, skilled
workers, veterans and others who will be an asset to society.
     By giving refuge to the best people, you'd have a city-state
which could leap centuries ahead of ours in a couple of
generations. By giving safe passage and some rations to the lesser
able and refuge to the children, you'd be establishing a climate of
humanity and compassion which could set an example for harsher areas.
     Another good thing about the roadblocks would be the culling
out of some of the worst people in today's society. Unfortunately,
the worst among humans are the most tenacious to life. While the
more decent and docile will perish through lack of aggressive
spirit, the trashiest scum will bull their way through situations
you wouldn't believe. Killing them off would be doing future
generations a favor.
     So a proper system of roadblocks around your town would be far
from repressive. It could mean the difference between survival and
death for our culture.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Planning For Survival By C.E. Teal 1991

Reprinted from:
American Survival Guide 11/91

                      Planning For Survival

                          By C.E. Teal

In light of recent events, such as the Persian Gulf War,  terror 
ism, and economic instability, many individuals and families  are 
taking a fresh look at the dreaded "S-word," survivalism.

  As with any beginners, these people need some sort of plan  for 
these  uncharted waters. I hope that this article can  give  some 
useful  guidance to those new to the field, and perhaps some  new 
insights  to  others who have been left to their own  devices  in 
coming to grips with this virtually all-inclusive field.

   This plan consists of nine major points: 1. Determination;  1. 
Becoming/staying  healthy;   3. Allocating your Budget;   4.  De 
-veloping plans of action;  5. Have a "bug-out" kit;  6. Plan  for 
duration;  7. Get training;  8. Practice;  9. Don't advertise.

    The first requirement to insuring  your  (and your  family's)  
longevity  is  DETERMINATION. You must want to  survive.  Contact 
others upon whom you might rely  (and whom may likewise rely upon 
you)  in a crisis. This is not a game,  although games can play a 
part in the training aspect. If we are to survive as individuals,  
as  families,  as a society,  we cannot approach this as  a  one-
person  show. It will take cooperation of the highest order.  The 
stakes are literally life and death.

  Many people take the attitude that "If it happens,  I  wouldn't 
want  to live anyway, " This is an attitude which almost  guaran 
tees defeat or death. A husband,  father,  or single mother  with 
this  attitude  is virtually condemning his or her  family  to  a 
similar fate.

  BECOME/STAY  HEALTHY. Every-one in the family or  group  should 
get  a  complete medical,  dental and vision checkup.  Find  your 
weaknesses  and  limitations so you may cope with  them,   before 
they take you by surprise Get caught up on immunizations such  as 
tetanus,  hepatitis,  and measles. If eyeglasses or contacts  are 
needed,   get at least one spare pair,  or save old ones.   Stock 
up on cleaning solution if you wear contacts. Work to bring  your 
teeth  up to the healthiest level possible. A toothache can be  a 
major  problem even in normal times when a dentist is  available. 
Imagine trying to make critical decisions while suffering with  a 
toothache when there may be few,  if any,  dentists in operation.

  Make sure your feet are in good condition. They may someday  be 
your only mode of transportation. Begin and maintain an  exercise 
program  which balances strength with endurance and  flexibility. 
Running,  swimming,  and stair climbing are all excellent  condi 

 ALLOCATE  PART OF YOUR BUDGET. Acquire supplies as  your  budget 
allows. Be practical;  set priorities. For example: set aside $10 
per  month for weaponry  (including ammunition and cleaning  sup 
plies,    ($10  per month for clothing  (if you  don't  have  the 
proper  clothing  already on hand. Three-piece  suits  or  tennis 
outfits have very limited survival applications) ,  another $10 a 
month for reserve food and medical supplies,  and so on. If money 
is tight, you can alternate purchases from month to month.

 The  important  thing  is to make some  sort  of  survival-based 
acquisition  regularly,  or at every opportunity. In making  sur 
vival investments,  you should consider the following points:  a)  
Might you actually need it  (Does it serve a legitimate  survival 
need,  such as food) ? b)  Do you have the skill to use it  prop 
erly,   and  would you be able to repair it  when  it  inevitably 
breaks down? c)  Will it need something else,  such as electrici 
ty,  gas,  heat,  or water to operate? d)  How many/much will you 
need,   and  how  long do you expect it to last   (see  Plan  For 
Duration)  : e)  Is it practical for the conditions  you  antici 
pate,  such as proper clothing for the climate?

  DEVELOP PLANS OF ACTION. You should discuss with your family or 
group  the  conditions under which you would  run   (Where?)   or 
stay;  whether to hide  (For how long?)  or fight  (Whom? How?) . 
Every  member  of the group must be in agreement with  the  final 
plan.  One  dissident  could destroy all  your  intentions;   for 
instance by "setting-out" the group to an adversary.

    You  should  also  develop "backup" plans  to  cover  various 
contingencies  such as those mentioned. Plan for  the  worst-case 
scenario and work down from there.

   HAVE  A  "BUG-OUT" KIT. Keep a short-term  (up  to  one  week)  
survival  kit  handy in case you must leave  NOW.   Remember  the 
priorities: shelter,  water,  food,  medical supplies,   weapons,  
communications. Ideally,  you should have several kits;  one  for 
each member of the family and group,  another one in each vehicle 
in case a crisis occurs at an unexpected moment  (as they usually 
do)  .  and a large cache of supplies away from the home,   in  a 
place  safe  from discovery or disaster;  in the event  you  must 
evacuate  your home quickly, as in the case of fire,   earthquake 
or war. Each of these kits or caches should be planned to supple 
ment and extend the capabilities of the next smallest kit.

  Avoid  making your personal bug-out kit too heavy to run  with;  
you may have to carry it long distances,  quickly.

 PLAN FOR DURATION. Try to realistically anticipate how long  you 
expect  your  scenario may last,  and add a little  more  to  the 
estimate as a buffer against shortsightedness.

   Do  you expect your disaster scenario to last for days   (such 
as  waiting for disaster relief after a major storm,   fire,   or 
earth  quake) ,  months  (i.e.,  a major strike by  unions;   re 
building after a disaster) ,  or years  (such as being caught  in 
the  clutches of a dictatorship,  foreign invasion,  or  persecu 
tion) ?

   Try  to be realistic in your preparations. Plan for  the  con 
sumption of food (calories per person per day,  plus other essen 
tial  nutrients)  ,   water  (gallons per person  per  day,   for 
drinking,  cooking and sanitation) ,  ammunition  (as much as can 
be obtained,  with a suggested minimum of 500 rounds per  weapon) 
,  air  quality   (while in shelter,  or  masks  for  outside)  ,  
medical  supplies  (including prescription medicines) ,   and  so 

 Some  of  your  scenarios may look unlikely in  the  context  of 
present  conditions,  but it only takes an open-eyed look at  the 
world,   the nation,  or the neighborhood,  to see the  potential 
for  frightening  situations to rapidly develop which  would  not 
allow  time for preparation after the fact. For  instance,   note 
that many people reacting to a disaster often converge on all the 
nearest  stores for provisions such as food,   candles,   bottled 
water,  batteries,  and so on. Frequently,  the crowd gets  impa 
tient,  not wanting or waiting to be left without essentials  for 
themselves  or their families. Occasionally, rioting and  looting 
begin,  feeding upon itself as the unprepared start to panic.

  Your  aim must be to store adequate supplies for  all  intended 
members  of your group for the longest time that you will  likely 
be  on  your  own,  with self-sufficiency being  your  goal.  The 
federal government recommends having at least three to five  days 
supplies  on hand,  to sustain you until relief agencies can  get 
into  action.  The more serious the crisis,  the longer  you  may 
have to wait for outside help.

  If  you are able,  lay in extra supplies for a  few  additional 
persons who will, most likely,  show up either on their own,   or 
with members of the group ("My mother was visiting at the time; I 
couldn't  just  leave her") . As pragmatic as you must  be,   you 
must also not surrender your humanity completely. Otherwise,  you 
are no better than the predators you may be fleeing.  Of  course,  
there  is  a practical limit to how much you can be  expected  to 
cope with. Examine your own conscience on this issue.

 A  plan  must also be drawn up to deal  with  waste  management. 
Essential  "luxuries"  such as toilet paper,  soap,   and  proper 
means  of disposing of human waste and garbage with become  major 
issues  during a survival situation. Goods and services  we  have 
always taken for granted may no longer be available.

  You must also plan to cope with your people's emotional surviv 
al. The abrupt change in lifestyle,  the day to day fight to stay 
alive,  will take its toll psychologically if not treated quickly 
and  continuously.  Find things to alleviate  boredom,   such  as 
games  or  projects.  Give every able person in the group  a  job 
they will be responsible for. Even children can be instructed  to 
secure trash,  act as lookouts,  or help with food preparation or 
gathering  supplies.  Also attempt to continue with their  educa 
tion,   albeit with a different emphasis. Find duties  which  re 
quire  a person to study the situation and come up with  a  solu 
tion. Hold meetings to keep everyone current on what's happening,  
and conduct frequent and regular classes for everyone in survival 
arts. Keep your people,  and yourself,  busy. Despair may be your 
worst enemy.

 GET TRAINING. Your group should learn how to use weapons  effec 
tively.   Safety,   maintenance,   handling  malfunctions,    and 
marksmanship  are all of equal importance in a survival  context.  
Because this is an area where mistakes can be fatal,  instruction 
should  be sought from qualified professionals, such as  the  Na 
tional  Rifle Association.  Also,  everyone should study  unarmed 
self-defense  under  a  qualified instructor;   one  who  teaches 
combative,  not tournament techniques.

  Tactics are another important area of study. Learn how best  to 
utilize  your weapons under various conditions and  environments,  
such  as snow,  rain,  or at night. There are  several  reputedly 
good  schools for this type of study.  There are also many  books 
such as military manuals which can be of help, if accompanied  by 
lots of practice.

  Study first aid diligently,  as this is one of the most  essen 
tial areas of self help study. The American Red Cross has  excel 
lent,   inexpensive courses on CPR and basic and  advanced  first 
aid.   Everyone  should  be encouraged to take and  pass  such  a 
course.  A study of improvised medicines and first-aid  equipment 
would  also be useful. Some community colleges  offer  non-credit 
courses  in  herbology,  folk medicine, and edible  wild  plants. 
There are many very good reference books on the subject.  Another 
variation on this theme would be the study of medicinal minerals. 
You might seriously consider taking an Emergency Medical  Techni 
cian  course   (or  a Paramedic course if already  an  EMT)   and 
joining  a volunteer ambulance corps. Not only would you be  con 
tributing  to  a  vital community function,  you  would  also  be 
gaining  practical,   real-life,  hands-on  experience  which  no 
course  can  give by itself. Remember,  in a crisis,   your  body 
does  what is has been trained to do. The untrained  reaction  to 
crisis is usually panic Practical experience aids tremendously in 
overcoming the panic which accompanies disaster.

  Fieldcraft is another valuable area of study. Learn the differ 
ence between, and uses of,  cover and concealment.  Learn how  to 
survive  in rural or urban wilderness,  how to find or  construct 
proper shelter,  how to gather food and collect and purify water,  
the use of correct sanitation procedures,  basic land navigation,  
and much more.

  PRACTICE. Conduct realistic simulations with your equipment and 
your  people to gain valuable experience and  confidence  working 
together.  Get  the bugs out while it's relatively  easy.   Learn 
what works and what doesn't.

  Go  to  the firing range often,  preferably when  you  or  your
group  can  use it without onlookers.  Practice  on  human-shaped 
targets,   using  tactics.  Train in firing techniques  for  real 
world  situations  (such as varying weather  conditions,   target 
distance  and  size. Learn different firing  positions,  practice 
in-house techniques,  etc.) .  Always rigidly enforce appropriate 
safety procedures while training with weapons.

  As  an EMT,  you can work on an ambulance or in  the  emergency 
room  to  practice and to accustom yourself to the  suffering  of 
others.  It's certainly not pleasant,  but it is crucial in  over 
coming the shock of seeing something happen suddenly,  perhaps to 
someone  you  love. This allows you to get on with  treating  the 
patient rather than wasting valuable seconds in panic. With prac 
tice,   reaction  becomes almost automatic,   and  confidence  is 
gained. Without practice, hard-earned skills are gradually lost.

  You should try to incorporate your survival skills into  every 
day life,  making it a normal part of your existence.

Don't,  however,  carry it to extremes, such as walking around in 
public wearing cammies with a 10-inch knife on your belt. Be dis 
creet.  Shooting  and  hand-to-hand  practice,   ambulance  duty, 
making  your own clothes,  and canning your own food;  all  these 
skills  and more will not only add to your  survival  repertoire,  
they  will enhance the quality of your life,  as you become  less 
dependent  on "the system" and more confident in your own  abili 

  Learn  the  strengths and weaknesses of your  equipment,   your 
people,   and yourself. Without practice and effort you are  just 
wasting time and money, and someone close to you could die  need 

  DON'T  ADVERTISE. Keep your actions and intentions as  low-pro 
file as possible. You could risk discovery and the loss of every 
thing you have been working for,  or wind up with a lot of people 
on  YOUR doorstep in a crisis;  people whom you  cannot  support,  
and  who  may have no positive survival value. If you  intend  to 
support dependents,  prepare for them with your supplies.

  One  last  thought.  Because predatory people  are  out  there,  
firearms are an essential element of survival planning.  Unfortu 
nately,   they  have been abused frequently enough  to  give  the 
whole  survival  movement  a bad reputation in the  eyes  of  the 
general media,  who too often seem to be looking to discredit and 
ridicule  the movement. Survivalists should respect firearms  and 
view  them  as  tools to protect what  they  have:  their  lives,  
families,   homes,  and provisions;  not as weapons of  conquest. 
The  more  you  prepare,  the more ready you must  be  to  defend 
against those who don't.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Info From

“What is a Survival Binder?” you may ask. The answer to that is quite simple, a survival binder is all the pieces of paper that make up your life and the lives of your family, along with other information that may prove useful in an emergency, together in an easily accessible place.


You may not have much warning if you ever need to bug-out, and when moments count you don’t want to be caught rummaging through a filing cabinet for those documents that you think you might need. A Survival Binder is just as important as your Bug-Out-Bag is to your survival post-TEOTWAWKI.

Getting Started

Some things you will need to make your binder:
A 2″ 3-ring binder
Plastic page sleeves
Subject dividers
Waterproof flash drive memory stick
2 Loksak element proof bag (1 for originals and 1 for back up)
3 Hole Paper Puncher

After you have gathered the above materials your first task is to gather together all those things that hold critical information and make copies of them (physical and digital). After you make your physical copies, return the originals to a water/fireproof safe or safety deposit box for safe keeping. Store the originals/copies inside a loksak bag for safe keeping in case you have to transport your binder outside of your lock box or safe (never store the originals and copies together). Copy the digital images of your records over to a water proof flash drive and store in a 3rd separate location. Now you have a back up to the back up (Two is One and One is None – Three is even better).

Some things you may want to include are:
birth certificates
marriage certificate
stock certificates
life insurance policies
personal contacts (name, phone, address, email address)
loan documents
articles of incorporation and other business documents
savings bonds
business contracts
bank records
credit card info
tax records
utilities info
power of attorney
appraisals of precious goods or antiques
immunization records
school transcripts
veterinary records
medical records
blood types
family pictures

Now that you have your info together insert your subject dividers into the binder. Here are some ideas for your categories:

Animals: (This is the section to keep important info about your pets, farm animals and veterinary records.)
Contacts: (Keep up to date contact info for your emergency contacts here.)
Finances: (Self explanatory)
Firearms: Maintenance, Reloading and Repair
Food: Storage, Preservation and Cooking (see LDS Preparedness Manual – it is free)
Medical: Basic first aid, dentistry, emergency medicine, naturopathic
Misc. Skills & Knowledge:

By Josh (The Survival Kid), a contributing author of
Please check out this blog it is full of great info!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

CME's Yes.......No....... Maybe????

What are Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)?

Coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, are violent discharges of material from the Sun's outer atmosphere. The ejected material can travel at speeds of up to a million miles per hour. If this flow of charged particles and embedded magnetic field collides with Earth, it can dramatically disrupt Earth's geomagnetic field and ionosphere. The ensuing geomagnetic storms can result in:

  • disrupted communication networks
  • errors in navigation systems
  • satellite failures
  • electricity blackouts
  • radiation hazards to astronauts
  • disruption of flow meters in oil pipelines
  • aggravation to geophysical exploration for natural resources

If a CME hit the United States and shut down all the power grid would you be ready? Do you have a plan for this and if not get on it. NASA has said that the chance of a Big CME in the next year and a half to two years is something that could happen. And with the weak power grid the chance of it going down is good. So plan for no power, no water and no heat or way to cook from your everyday way of life. Make a plan to heat, cook and find water without power.
Will this happen, who know's; can this happen, yes it can and if it does it will put this country back 200 years in a blink of an eye. Think outside of the box for your prepping plans.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Is Over

The weekend is over and lots got done, and lots of stuff still to do. Did a little work on preps and did a lot of reading for school. I made two more 5 gallon buckets one with rice and one with beans and this week I will make two more one with salt and one with sugar. Right now this country is going down the drain and all we can do is stock up on food, water and other needed survival supplies. With the cost of everything going up and the value of the dollar going down all we can do is ready ourselves for the coming collapse. Now is the time to get ready because when the collapse hits it will be to late and everyone that is not ready will be running for what ever they can find. And I'm sure they will kill, steal and do what ever is needed to take the food and water and what ever other needed items they can find. When the event of doom hits the rush for supplies will be fast and hard core. If you have ever been in a store when the power goes down and then back up in just a second and see how the people turn into crazy fools because they will have to wait 5-10 minutes for the cash regesters to re-boot. Just think how the same fools will act when they know the food and water and medical supplies that are on the shelves in front of them is all that will be around for weeks, months or forever, How will they act? How good will Mr. Smith down the street act when he knows you have lots of food stored and the world has just come to an end?
Are you ready?
Do you have supplies?
Can you defend yourself?
How will you act on the day the collapse hits?
Will you have to run crazy like the walking dead or will you have the needed supplies and get to sit back in your home or retreat and wait till the smoke clears?
Now is the time to get ready! Not when the collapse hits, so gte ready! And if you are prepping step it up and kick it in to high gear!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Call For Winners Of the First-Aid Kits

I posted the winners of the kits but have not jot any e-mails yet.
So if I don't get an e-mail from the winners but the end of this weekend I will pick two new winners!
So check it out and see if you won!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry Guys!!!

I know I have not been posting much and it's because of school, it's kicking my butt. I will step up my posting and keep up with some of the news going on now.

Looks like the stock market is up and down from day to day, we all know it's fake and the only people who trust the market is the sheeple.

Food prices are going up daily and the cost of gas is going up too, but just about everything is going up.

Thanks to California governor Jerry Brown, Merck’s human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil will now be given to children 12 years or older without parental consent. Omitting parents from the entire equation, California lawmakers are now leaving 12-year-old children to make their own health decisions.
The decision to be vaccinated with the Gardasil HPV vaccine is a particularly risky decision, a decision that thousands of young girls and boys wish they could have re-made. Gardasil, of course, has wrecked thousands of lives nationwide, even leading to over 40 plus deaths. Considering these facts, why would legislators and Jerry Brown allow for such an insane bill to become a law?

After initially vowing to plead innocent and call Kurt Haskell, the man who saw him being aided onto Delta Flight 253 by a well dressed man, as a defense witness, alleged underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has changed his mind and admitted all eight charges against him, thereby protecting accomplices involved in the plot.
“Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian man accused of trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a Christmas 2009 flight to Detroit, pleaded guilty to all counts in court Wednesday. AbdulMutallab had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges,” From CNN

Mac Slavo
October 10, 2011
In Economic Apocalypse Goes Mainstream we opined that the financial, economic and political collapses occuring around the globe will eventually lead the industrialized nations of the world to war. The signs should already be apparent, especially in areas like the middle east, where the U.S. is vying for resource domination, monetary superiority and political control. As economies around the world implode, and citizens become more frustrated with their governments, things can quickly begin to spiral out of control domestically – regardless of whether you’re in the United States, China, Russia or Europe. As a result, politicians will do what they’ve done historically in such instances, which is to deflect responsibility (either out of fear or by design) from themselves onto others. Usually, this means leaders and citizens oceans away will get blamed for the malaise.
Aaron Hawkins of Storm Clouds Gathering provides some key insights into the many variables that will ultimately lead the world into perhaps the greatest war in history.
When playing chess the outcome of the game is usually determined in the early stages by the positions that are built up by each player even before the first pawn falls. These moves may seem innocuous to the untrained eye, but an experienced player can read the threats which grow and develop at each stage. They can see the traps which are being laid.
Right now, the nations of the world are organizing and positioning themselves – financially, diplomatically, and militarily – for a struggle which will alter the global power structure irrevocably.
It would be impossible to understand the economic collapse which is slowly unfolding, and the great war which wall almost certainly follow, without taking into account the stakes of this global chess game.
World War III is not going to be an accident. It will not be caused by an unfortunate chain events that the U.S. struggles to avoid. It is a goal, a specific objective that must be reached in order to force a cultural shift that the population would otherwise never accept. It is only from this context that the events unfolding in the world right now make any sense.
While we can’t predict exactly how or when such a war will take shape, it should be clear that game play on the grand chessboard is in full swing. The key players – which include national leaders and elite power brokers behind the scenes – are actively positioning their pieces, just as they did for the two decades preceding World War I and World War II.
Surviving economic collapse and political instability may be the least of our problems.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

From now thru November 2012 this should be required reading weekly, or at least monthly, BY ALL WHO VOTE!

Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?

He threatened to not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.

He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens

He did not threatened to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates

He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired

He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting around

He did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff

He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

He did not threaten the food stamp programs

He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid

He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters

The list could go on and on.

He is in full political re-election mode!

Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and his lies?

His type of change is killing our country.

He needs to be stopped and only our votes can stop him.

Do not forget about his tactics when it's election time

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -- Benjamin Franklin

Sunday Funny!!!

A Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens.........

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese..

However, less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an Exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

Believe it or not ....... a Congress!

I guess that pretty much explains things...............................

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work To Do

We as preppers have a lots of work to do! We need to kick the prepping into high gear and store food, water and other needed supplies. The cost of food is going up weekly and the price of gas is up and down, but who knows when it will jump up a dollar of two? And the price of just about everything is going up just go to your local Wal-Mart and look at the price of ten items and then go back in a week or two and recheck the price of the same items, I'm sure you will see the price go up. Right now is the time to buy the food to store before it's price goes up. Me and my wife were at Sam's the other day and I saw Rice, Beans and many other items at a fair price. I got some rice, pinto beans and some olive oil to add to the preps. Each week I try to add something to my preps like ammo, lamp oil, food, water and medical supplies. We have a plan to prep and we are sticking to it. I know it can be slow at times but over the last few years we have built up our preps and I will keep up the prepping.
Everyday you don't prep and sit and do nothing is one more day of life or survival you have let slip by. Now is the time to start prepping and now is the time to make a plan for survival. If you look around the world wide web you can find lots of good info on survival here are a few good places to start.

I Like This Song

Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning To Survive

Are you planning to survive the coming collapse? Do you prep? If you are prepping for the coming event of doom how much are you storing and for how many days, weeks or months? Do you have a way to heat your home or shelter, do you have a way to cook food and heat water?
Are you ready? Are you prepared for the coming collapse and are you ready to make it without the local Wal-Mart? If not then now is the time to get ready, because time is very short.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OK We Have The Winners For The First Aid Kits

And the winners are:
Matt and Modern Day Redneck

Send me your address and I will ship them out ASAP.
Thanks to everyone who posted!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Did Not Know This!!!!!!

Last night at work I was talking with a few fellow co-workers and I made the statement that everyone needs to have and carry a copy of The Constitution of The United States so you can quote your rights and be ready with the truth. But I was told that The Constitution was an outdated document and needs to be redone and updated to fit the more modern times. I didn't know what to say, I had a loss of words. I kept my thoughts to myself because I was at work. But how can people think like that? How can the people of this country be so far off the truth that it's not even funny. I just can't even think that way, I must be so far outside the thoughts of the California way of thinking that it's like I'm in a different world. I know that I am part of the 1-2% of God loving, gun loving, Bible Reading, Constitution following and survivalist that live in the state of California, but how can the people of this country be so disconnected with the truth? To tell you the truth 100% it's that outdated document that give the fools the right to say what they think even if it's 100% foolish. I disagree with the statement that was made 100% and think that is was a foolish statement, but because I love this country and stand for truth and The Constitution I have to say that person had every right to make that statement, even if I think it was wrong. It's funny how people will walk on The Constitution and at the same time use it's freedoms for themselves. If the people of this country only knew the freedoms they take for granted from day to day they would get sick. I trust The Constitution and say it's as good today as it was the day it was written. And as a country we need to stand by The Constitution and trust the words written within it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today Is the Last Day For My Giveaway!!!!!!

Check it out there will be two winners and my wife will pull the names out of the hat tomorrow!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah Monetary Declaration: States Can Financially Break Away From Federal Government

Ron Hera
Oct 2, 2011
Earlier this week I attended the Utah Monetary Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. As you may know, the state of Utah passed a Legal Tender Act earlier this year authorizing the use of federally minted gold and silver coins as money in the state of Utah. Now, legislators in other states, many of whom attended the Monetary Summit, are evaluating similar legislation.
Among other things, this means the United States is approaching a Constitutional crisis because states are beginning to financially break away from the federal government. This is no less serious than the American War of Independence or the War Between the States. The Utah Monetary Declaration (below) is a financial declaration of independence whereby states are beginning to opt out of the Federal Reserve System. A major confrontation seems inevitable.
The issues underlying this historic development include:
1. The unsound condition of large U.S. banks, which have inaccurate and crumbling balance sheets along with $250 trillion in high-risk OTC derivatives contracts;
2. The unstable nature of the U.S. and world financial systems, characterized by unworkable levels of sovereign debt and private debt and by over $600 trillion in OTC derivatives liabilities;
3. The excessive levels of federal government debt and unfunded liabilities combined with falling federal tax revenues prior to the start of the double-dip recession that began in the second half of 2011;
4. The radically inflationary monetary policies of the federal government and of the Federal Reserve, which promise high inflation or hyperinflation in the future;
5. The worsening condition of the real U.S. economy outside of large banks, multinational corporations, and Wall Street firms, where federal government bailouts and Federal Reserve monetary easing (money printing) transfer wealth from proverbial Main Street to literal Wall Street;
6. The rapidly escalating polarization of the distribution of wealth, which threatens not only the economic stability of the United States but also its social and political stability; and
7. The current, highly inflationary monetary system is plainly unfair and fundamentally immoral.
As a consequence of these grave, ongoing and growing problems, which are being largely ignored by the mainstream news media, state governments must take immediate action to ensure the functioning of local economies and of state governments, should the federal government / Federal Reserve System break down. Specifically, there is an urgent requirement for an alternative currency to the privately issued Federal Reserve Note, which is erroneously referred to as the “U.S. dollar.”
Replacing a stable form of money with ever expanding debt and inflation undermines capitalism and destroys jobs. The monopolistic monetary system of the United States today is inherently inflationary because it must continually expand in order to prevent a deflationary collapse. The underlying structure and root cause of the monetary system’s inherent and inescapable inflationary bias is the legal construction of money as debt with no direct link to real economic activity. Debt levels in the economy and bank profits are simply out of line with reality.
In addition to the unsustainable and unstable nature of such a system, an inherently inflationary monetary system destroys savings by devaluing the currency. Savings, which are the result of excess production, precisely define the term “capital.” Replacing capital with debt, while highly beneficial for banks that create money out of thin air (through lending), is a deeply flawed concept responsible for the systematic and ongoing breakdown of capitalism in America. This deep, structural problem is the absolute root cause of chronic, irremediable unemployment. As a consequence, there will be no genuine economic recovery in the U.S. and jobs will not return unless and until the monetary system is fundamentally reformed.
An ultimately more important issue is also garnering attention among state legislators, prominent (non Keynesian) economists, religious leaders, political activists and voters. Inflation, particularly if it is systematically understated by the federal government or Federal Reserve, robs savers of the proceeds of past labor and robs workers of the spending power of their wages, living standards and financial futures. Inflation robs the elderly of their retirement and robs investors of their capital by facilitating taxes on alleged gains created solely by currency debasement. Legal tender, created as debt, results in ever larger debt burdens thrust upon innocent future generations that will experience progressively lower living standards and reduced economic opportunity. Generations to come will be born into debt bondage, thus the monetary system is at the center of a profound moral crisis.
The morally and literally bankrupt nature of the current U.S. financial system is transforming America into a dog-eat-dog society where every person seeks to live at the expense of someone else rather than by producing wealth, because production is systematically stolen by the federal government and by banks through the clever device of an inflationary monetary system. The monetary system operates by exchanging fictitious “wealth” (debt based money created out of thin air by private banks) for the real wealth of borrowers, i.e., the proceeds of their labor. In effect, the monetary system is a massive scam purported to be legal but lacking any demonstrable legal authority. Specifically, there is no Constitutional or other legal basis upon which the federal government can force a private monetary monopoly on the states. In fact, the Constitution of the United States explicitly establishes the exact opposite.
The oversized banking system and federal government have grown in an unholy alliance in lock-step and now consume so much of the U.S. economy that, together, they not only pillage the real economy but threaten to kill, once and for all, what is left of the free country founded by the Declaration of Independence. The moral precedent and example set at the highest levels of the federal government and of the banking cartel is that profit, fame, success and wealth are (either directly or indirectly) rewards for immoral acts rather than for honesty in business. Moral corruption at the top–embedded in the very structure of the monetary system–has slowly spread its gangrenous effect, undermining totally the founding principles of the United States of America, enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and in the Bill of Rights. Rather than liberty, America’s legacy is fast becoming one of moral turpitude enshrined in financial injustice and oppression.
The challenge before our nation today–our moment in history–is not merely a financial or economic or political or legal / Constitutional crisis. It is also, and primarily, a moral crisis that could literally destroy the United States of America and all that it has stood for in more than two centuries. A stable society requires sound principles. A moral society requires sound money. Today, the United States of America has neither.
This message is a call to action. In the words of poet Dylan Thomas, let us say for America “Do not go gentle into that good night / Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
I am personally asking you to read the Utah Monetary Declaration (below), which I, among many others, signed on Monday evening, September 26, 2011, in the Post Chapel on the University of Utah campus at Salt Lake City, and to forward it to all, especially to your state officials. Time is of the essence. Although its duration and pace are as yet unclear, the crisis is already upon us. Please act now and do not delay.
This article was originally posted on Before It’s News.