The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

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“What is a Survival Binder?” you may ask. The answer to that is quite simple, a survival binder is all the pieces of paper that make up your life and the lives of your family, along with other information that may prove useful in an emergency, together in an easily accessible place.


You may not have much warning if you ever need to bug-out, and when moments count you don’t want to be caught rummaging through a filing cabinet for those documents that you think you might need. A Survival Binder is just as important as your Bug-Out-Bag is to your survival post-TEOTWAWKI.

Getting Started

Some things you will need to make your binder:
A 2″ 3-ring binder
Plastic page sleeves
Subject dividers
Waterproof flash drive memory stick
2 Loksak element proof bag (1 for originals and 1 for back up)
3 Hole Paper Puncher

After you have gathered the above materials your first task is to gather together all those things that hold critical information and make copies of them (physical and digital). After you make your physical copies, return the originals to a water/fireproof safe or safety deposit box for safe keeping. Store the originals/copies inside a loksak bag for safe keeping in case you have to transport your binder outside of your lock box or safe (never store the originals and copies together). Copy the digital images of your records over to a water proof flash drive and store in a 3rd separate location. Now you have a back up to the back up (Two is One and One is None – Three is even better).

Some things you may want to include are:
birth certificates
marriage certificate
stock certificates
life insurance policies
personal contacts (name, phone, address, email address)
loan documents
articles of incorporation and other business documents
savings bonds
business contracts
bank records
credit card info
tax records
utilities info
power of attorney
appraisals of precious goods or antiques
immunization records
school transcripts
veterinary records
medical records
blood types
family pictures

Now that you have your info together insert your subject dividers into the binder. Here are some ideas for your categories:

Animals: (This is the section to keep important info about your pets, farm animals and veterinary records.)
Contacts: (Keep up to date contact info for your emergency contacts here.)
Finances: (Self explanatory)
Firearms: Maintenance, Reloading and Repair
Food: Storage, Preservation and Cooking (see LDS Preparedness Manual – it is free)
Medical: Basic first aid, dentistry, emergency medicine, naturopathic
Misc. Skills & Knowledge:

By Josh (The Survival Kid), a contributing author of
Please check out this blog it is full of great info!!!!

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  1. you should also have a hard copy of your scripts, including for glasses and contacts.