The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Ready For The Collapse Step:3

Bug Out/Safe Zone for Pre/Post Collapse

Have a plan and a place to Bug Out to, it's best to bug out before the collapse but if you get stuck and can't till after you still need a place to go. Now I hear so many people say I will head for the Hills!!!!
And just how many people are planning to do the same thing? I have read a lot about the Bug Out to the woods plan and for most this will end bad, very bad. The best plan would be to have a retreat on a small spot of land off the main road then off the side road, then up a dirt road. You will want a place that the fools after a collapse would never think about or every give a second look. Just remember that cool camp site you go to every year and camp at, yes the nice one near the water fall with all the black berry bushes and the stream full of fish, well everyone that camps there will remember it to and show up! So have a plan and not to Bug Out to the state park where everyone is going. Best thing is to find a few people who thing like you, family, friends but not just a few you find on line in a chat room. But get the few of you and go in on some retreat land and split it up, but remember the people you do this with you will have to trust 100% because your life will be in there hands and theirs in your hands.
When you have a Bug Out retreat you will need to stock it and get it ready for the collapse. Work as a team and have weekend retreats to the spot and do mock drills and walk step by step and prefect your Bug Out plan. With any plan you need to work the bugs out and get everything right.

Have a plan and survive!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting ready For The Collapse Step:Two

Step Two:

Once you get a basic kit and are learning a few new skills the next step is to build on the kits and your skills. Adding to your preps is a weekly thing, or it is for me. I am always finding new ideas and tools to add to my BOB or First Aid kit, but at the same time I am pulling out stuff not needed any longer or adding one item that takes the place of two or three other tools.

My goal each year is to learn 4 new skills, this gives me 3 months each to learn the skill and the rest of my life to prefect it and get better and better. At first start with two a year or one a year but the need for skills is great and will be needed in a post-collapse event. Just think how useful you would be if you showed up to a group after the collapse and the ask you do you have any skills that would help our group and you can say, 'Yes I am a EMT, Jr. Gunsmith, and I can make soap, home health creams, and I am a herbalist that have the seeds to grow my own herbs" Just think of the power you will have to help not just yourself but use your skills to help others. Supplies are great but after time they will run out and be gone the true prep is skills and knowledge of the skill of survival and the many, many aspects of survival. I could fill ten books with the skills we all need to know. My best advice to you is find things you like and things that will help you survive and then learn everything you can about it.

Make a plan and work on it every week.

Make a list of skills you want to learn and research them and if you can find a class to take then take it!

Make a list of survival gear you need or want and add it as you can. (No need to go broke doing this, just add new stuff as you can)

Set goals to reach and when you get to them set new ones!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Getting Ready For The Collapse Step:One

Step One in Getting Ready for the collapse:



1~Water: You will need 1 gallon a day per person in your group, and you will want to cover at least 30 days. (you need to have a water filter like a Berkey or Dalton)


2~Food: Freeze dried and canned is the best, but dry bean and rice and some canned foods are just as good. You will want a mix of foods and they will need to be easy to cook and store. With your food preps you will want Salt, sugar, pepper and other additives to enhance the taste of your food. As with the water you will need 30 days of food. 


3~Survival Gear: A good stock of needed gear is a must! And the rule Two is one and one is none is very true! So have a back up for the back up.


Flashlight with batteries

Knife- Mora, Pocket, Survival and swiss army

First-aid kit



Hand Camp Saw


Tarps (more than one and a few sizes)

Fire Starter, more than one and know how to use!!!!!

Fire Tinder

Maps of your area, county, state and The US

Compass and know how to use it

GPS Unit is nice but EMP will kill it

Shortwave Radio with AM/FM

Two way Radio one for each of the group

Guns Hand gun and long gun with ammo and know hoe to use it!!

Gun Cleaning kit with extra stuff

Back Up gun parts


This kit is basic and a place to start, you will have to build on it.


4~Skills:Learn as many as you can!!!!


first aid


Gun Smith


and any survival skill you can learn!


5~Barter Items:

Skills can be bartered items and info so have a little of all of it to trade in the post collapse!

Coffee, ammo, salt, sugar, food and booze are all great trade items!!!!


More info to follow in the next few days!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where Is Our Country? And What Is Next For Us?

I ask myself this question because I don't know what country I now live in. It's not the loving USA of my childhood or the Badass country of my youth. We let other countries tell us what to do and how to act and the Leader of this country has never made one move that is in the best interest of this country. Looks like every move Obama makes is for some other country or his friends in the middle east. I still don't understand how the people of this country put him in office to start with and how in the hell they put him back for a 2nd term is just unthinkable in my book. The sad thing is this country is dead and I'm not sure it can make a come back. The truth be told I think it's time for a good shake up and the sad thing is it's going to be a event of doom that starts the shake up. The dollar is all but dead and the stock market lost 330 point on the 10th, so it looks like the down hill run is getting started and it's going to be one hell of a ride for us all. The prepared will do much better than the walking dead of this country, but make no mistake it's going to be a very hard and very crazy road to go down. Once the collapse is in full open stance many will fall to the side and be lost and very many of the lost will die. I think the loss of life in the first week to ten days will be great and as the weeks follow the loss will grow.

So what do you do to survive?

What plan of action can or should you have to live?

What supplies is best to have for the first few weeks of the collapse?

What is our first step to survive the coming collapse?

Over the next few days I will lay out an action plan to get ready for the coming event of doom!!!!!