The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting ready For The Collapse Step:Two

Step Two:

Once you get a basic kit and are learning a few new skills the next step is to build on the kits and your skills. Adding to your preps is a weekly thing, or it is for me. I am always finding new ideas and tools to add to my BOB or First Aid kit, but at the same time I am pulling out stuff not needed any longer or adding one item that takes the place of two or three other tools.

My goal each year is to learn 4 new skills, this gives me 3 months each to learn the skill and the rest of my life to prefect it and get better and better. At first start with two a year or one a year but the need for skills is great and will be needed in a post-collapse event. Just think how useful you would be if you showed up to a group after the collapse and the ask you do you have any skills that would help our group and you can say, 'Yes I am a EMT, Jr. Gunsmith, and I can make soap, home health creams, and I am a herbalist that have the seeds to grow my own herbs" Just think of the power you will have to help not just yourself but use your skills to help others. Supplies are great but after time they will run out and be gone the true prep is skills and knowledge of the skill of survival and the many, many aspects of survival. I could fill ten books with the skills we all need to know. My best advice to you is find things you like and things that will help you survive and then learn everything you can about it.

Make a plan and work on it every week.

Make a list of skills you want to learn and research them and if you can find a class to take then take it!

Make a list of survival gear you need or want and add it as you can. (No need to go broke doing this, just add new stuff as you can)

Set goals to reach and when you get to them set new ones!

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