The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Urban Survival....Can It Be Done?

Can you survive in the big city? Or can you survive in a smaller city or town? Is it possible to make a go at survival in an urban area? I now live in a small town about 35 miles from a big city. I know that where I'm at is not the best location but I'm a lot better off than most. And I can be in the woods very fast, just 15 min drive or a good 1/4 days walk with pack and hand cart. I have a hand yard cart that will hold about 350-450 lbs of gear and with my pack and the cart I can walk 3-5 miles an hour. That would be in great conditions with no bad weather. Plus we have a yard wagon that will hold 800 lbs with big tires that my wife will pull if we ever have to walk out on foot. I have made a harness for each of us that we can use to help pull the cart and wagon and still have our hands free, and with two quick snaps you can be free of the cart or wagon to run for cover if needed. I made the harness system to make is possible us to carry a long gun or shotgun and still pull the carts. I would hope to be in my truck but as a survivalist I know to have back up plans to the back up plan. But my question is do you think anyone can survive in the city in a SHTF event or the coming collapse? If so why, and if not why not. I think I have made a few good plan for our survival and have two great bug out locations to go to and then have two other back ups that are not bad. I have items stashed on my routes out of town and stashed around my home base for any needs that may come up when I'm out on patrol.
Post a comment and tell me what you think. I know if TSHTF bad I need to bug out ASAP and have plans for that, but what do you think about the urban survivalist like in WWII how stayed out of sight and under the radar.


  1. Pete,I think it is possible.That is one of my options.Scary part of this is new tech that allows them to see thru buildings.But I guess same thing in the woods with flir etc.Probably depends on situation,and how important of targets we are!Think about it, securing every building in a city is problematic,and once searched most will be left again.Stealth will be the name of this game.


  2. Planning for every event will be problematic to say the least.
    The problem I bump into every time is that chances are, you won't be the only one bugging out to that same location.
    I guess for the most part, it depends on how the SHTF.

  3. Possible, yes. Difficult, absolutely.

    I live 4 miles outside a village of 400, 10 miles from a town of 60K and an hour each way from cities of 700K+. That scares me very much. But short of packing up and moving to Utah, I think we're in as survivable spot as any.