The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More On Bug Our Location

I have got a few e-mails and think I need to clear up a few things. In my last post I give some info on bugging out to government lands. That was not the full topic of the post. In the post I said to find a good BOL and for the people who can't afford a retreat on there on, they should look for a good bug out area to retreat to in a SHTF event. In my thinking if you have no BOL and you live in a city or town with a lot of people you need to look for and set up a retreat. You will need to scout out an area and cache items you will need. And as one of my e-mailers said people that are not use to living out side would die in the cold of winter or die in the full heat of the summer. I would say yes to that, if you have never spent any time in the woods with camping or you are not an outdoors person you would need to rethink the bug out plan and make one that fits your lifestyle. Maybe a small RV or Tent Trailer both will help you with a more home like set up, but it will be hard to get them to the BOL and once there they will be a little harder to hide or conceal. I had a friend back home in North Carolina the had a Bug Out Trailer, as I do now. In this trailer he had fuel, food, water, tools and other supplies but he also had a shelter made from 4' X 8' plywood and on the inside he had the 4' X 8' styrofoam insulation. The walls hooked together with a metal plate and it had 2"X3" supports and a roof with a small pitch to let rain run off. After a few years he added a small set up to catch rain water and a floor system. The whole thing would take him less that 2 hours to set up alone and would fold and break down and fit in his bug out trailer. It was a great set up and if I can I will get him to sent me some photos so I can post them. My point is you can bug out to government land with a plan and the right supplies. Will you or could you have problems, Yes!! But if your home is over run with gangs or hoards of the walking dead then your best bet may be your BOL. With planning you can do this and survive. Your best bet is to get your own land off the main roads and if you can't do this alone, (which is not a good idea because a small group is much better) then get with a small group of people who think as you do with the same plan to survive. Just think if you can get 5 people or families and then find a fair lot of land like 10-15 acres. Lets say it cost $12000.00 with 5 people or families you each would pay a little over $2400.00 and with taxes and other fees you would each pay less than $25-$50 a month. This is a hard thing to do because people are funny and 1 out of 3 people are a little crazy or is just a fool and you can't tell up front you only find out later like when TSHTF and now you live with the towns fool, so be very careful with who you try this with your best best is to find two or three families or small groups and get together and work as a survivalist group for a period of time to get to know each other and at the same time save money for your land buy, plus you can use this time to look for the perfect lot. Survival in a group is great and a pain in the ass at the same time. Find that group of people you work well with because if you go this route you and your families life will depend on it.

Life goes on.........will you?


  1. Pain in the ass or no, I think the group has definite advantages. "Many hands make light work", to which I would add many eyes and ears make for shorter guard duty...

  2. Not just a, community, community.