The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Survival Skills #35 How to make an Small Urban Survival Tin/Kit

This is a small urban kit for the workers that have to make a trip into the city or big town and can’t take there BOB. Or this is a great little day hike kit.

Step 1
First, get your Altoid’s tin, (make sure it's cleaned out), and then lay all of your stuff out on a large flat surface. This is so you can see what you have, how you would use it, and to make it easier when it comes to packing it.

Step 2
Take your duct tape and wrap it around the toothpick, until you have an amount you are comfortable with (I'd say about 5' or so), but that can still fit in your tin comfortable. Next snap off both ends of your toothpick that stick out. (If you want to skip this, several companies sell pre-wrapped duct tape like this, go to any backpacking store, like R.E.I., or save the money and do it yourself!)

Step 3
Put the four Aleve, two Dayquil, and utility razor in one baggie, then fold it up tightly. Next, do the same with the matchbook.

Step 4
Start packing your Altoid tin, flat stuff first. The money, needle and thread, band-aids, paperclip, and antiseptic hand wipe are all pretty flat, so try them first.

Step 5
Next, try to arrange the other items (minus the rubber bands), as best you can, remembering that the LED flashlight will come on if pushed down when the lid closes, so it might take a few times, but it will all fit.

Step 6
Add the fish hooks, line and weights. If you have room in the tin add a small cork for a floater.

Step 7
If you have room left, put in the rubber bands. Take another small piece of duct tape and put it on the lid to close it. The duct tape can be reused until it loses it's stickiness, and then you still have more in the kit! If you didn't have room left for the rubber bands, put them around the outside.

Step 8
Use a small mag-light the AA size with the 550 Para cord wrapped around the flashlight, this will not fit into the kit but with a flashlight holder for your belt the light and the tin kit will go well together. And May I add a good Leatherman to the mix this way you a flashlight and a Leatherman on your belt and a survival tin and flashlight in your pocket, this combo makes a great little urban survival kit.

Things You'll Need:
Altoid’s tin or small plastic box
needle with thread wrapped around it
small LED flashlight
2-4 safety pins (recommended different sizes)
$10 Bill and two $5 dollar bills
4 quarters and 4 dimes
antiseptic hand wipe
2 sticks of gum
small bic lighter
utility razor with brown paper still wrapped around it
2 Dayquils
4 Aleve or Ibuprofen
2-4 normal band-aids
2 butterfly band-aids
duct tape
2-3 foil packet of triple antibiotic ointment
Fish hook with 25 feet of line and two lead weights
2 small zip-lock baggies barely big enough to fit a matchbook in
2 or 3 rubber bands
Small Mag-light (AA Size)
10-15 Yards of 550 Para-cord
Small Leatherman Knife Combo


  1. Totally off-topic; I received my slinky antenna yesterday and it's the coolest thing I've ever seen! I have an antenna-less under-the-cabinet radio that can only pick up 2 stations (if I'm lucky) that we're going to hook it up to. Can't wait to see how well it works!

    Oh, and my kids think it's cool too! They thought they'd gotten an early Christmas present in the mail!

  2. Hey Pete, email me regarding your problems, just a question!