The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Working On My Preps Today.....

This is my weekend to work, I have to work every other weekend. So I try to work on my preps a little before work. I move things and check dates and look over the items. I check the food saver bag to see if the seal of air is still in tact. I check the caned food and look over the cans for dents and to see if any have popped out.
Today I was looking over my deitz lanterns and checking the lantern fuel. I have a great stock of the fuel but I think I will get more. I don't think you can have to much lantern fuel. I plan on having light when TSHTF. I plan to live as good a life as I can, but I can only do that if I plan now and work hard to get myself ready. So I plan and work on my plan and then recheck my plan for holes. This is how we survivalist do things, we check and recheck till we get it right. And as we go on with life we see new things that we can add to our preps, so we then add the new item into the plan and it all starts over again. You just can't buy some survival items and put them in your back room and never check them. You have to add to them and rotate them and check them. Being a survivalist is hard work and work that is on going, but it will pay off 100 times the work you put into it.
All you have to do is look around yourself and see the world we live in. You know you need to get ready; and if you have not started may I ask you why not? Now is the time to start you may think it's to late but it's not. Everyday you put supplies away is one more day you made yourself more prepared. Start a plan to store food, water, medical supplies and household items you may need to survive a collapse. If you don't know where to start E-Mail me at and put in the subject box of the E-Mail " Survival Start Help"
and I will give you as much help as I can. Start now with your preps, because our time is short and the evil is just over the hill and night is coming.

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  1. This has been our weekend to work outside as we're enjoying some uncharacteristically warm Ohio weather...72 today...woohoo! We're moving chicken coops, putting leaves and compost on the garden, filling up raised beds. Nice stuff.

    I think the best advice I ever read on getting started storing food is to figure out your favorite meals, the ingredients you'd need for those meals, then buy those ingredients in bulk. There's no point in putting up 200 lbs of flour if you never bake. Whatever we normally buy, I've been buying in multiplicity; from food to baby tylenol to socks and long underwear. And it's nice to have those extras on hand for emergencies or when you simply run out. My 5 year old son refers to our basement as the grocery store. He loves running down to the 'grocery store' to pick out something we've ran out of. Makes him feel like a big boy. And hopefully food secure too.