The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Month And The Same Old Tyranny

Well our government is up to it's same old games. At one point in the last week or two I heard them say that the recession is over and we are on the way back up, and today I go to yahoo and read this,

Obama: Private, public sectors must create jobs
Obama: Job-creation is top priority as nation continues its economic recovery

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama said Monday the public and private sectors must find more ways to create jobs to continue the nation's climb out of an economic recession.

Obama said the economy has pulled back "from the brink" but still has a long way to go, especially in creating jobs. The president said job losses would continue for weeks and months to come and called for bold, innovative action by his administration, Congress and the private sector to create more good-paying jobs.

Obama made the remarks at the start of a White House meeting in the Roosevelt Room with economic advisers. The session was open to reporters and streamed live on the White House Web site.

He also said the U.S. must break out of a "debilitating gridlock on trade policy," by ending the false choice between a wide-open, free wheeling import policy or fearful, protectionist approach to trade. He called for a more balanced policy of letting the world know America wants to compete and trade -- fairly -- with anyone. He gave no specifics.

In opening remarks, Obama credited his stimulus package for recent upticks in economic numbers, including a significant boost in manufacturing that was reported on Monday.

But, he said, "The reason we're here today is because we just are not where we need to be yet. We've got a long way to go. We are still seeing production levels that are significantly below peak levels and most distressing is the fact that job growth continues to lag."
This was from AP at Yahoo

So let me get this right, we are out of the recession and have pulled back from the brink of doom. But we are going to keep losing jobs. And every month we get the news that the last month was worse than the one before. I just can't see how the recession is over; unless they are ready to admit that we are in a full depression. I think the worst is still down the road. Wait till this Christmas season is the worst in the last 50 years. Most of the people of this country can see the writing on the wall and know we are in big trouble. The people that don't see it are all fools. I think the economy is just about to pop. The FED and uncle sugar have pumped up the dollar and the stock market just about as much as they can and it's all about to go BOOM!!!
As I have always said, please get your house in order and stock as much ammo,food, water, medical supplies and household items as you can. Our time is getting very short and everyday we let slip by is a day we will never get back, so get your butt in gear and start to prep and if you are a prepper now then keep it up and kick it into high gear. The Evil is just over the hill and night is coming.

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  1. I read a beautiful article recently about how our economy self-regulates, like a pendulum swinging, and in both depressions, the government took steps to stop the pendulum; either through social/work programs or through economic stimulus packages and bailouts. The gist of the article was that you can't stop the pendulum from swinging; it has to swing to correct itself. I wish I could A)explain the article more succinctly or B)find a link to it because it was written very, very well.

    Anyway, we're still stocking up. I worry for my husband's job as it's based on fuel prices and the combustion engine. Scary. So we stockpile. It's such a comfort knowing that if something should happen, we have a big, big cushion of food and necessities to rely on (til summer when we can start growing our own again.)

    As far as Christmas, we'll be doing the same as we did last year. We figure 3 gifts were good enough for Jesus, so 3 is good enough for our kids. They get new jammies or robes and slippers, a book and/or puzzle and one gift they want very badly; Mara wants a camera, Isaac wants blocks. Then of course, Santa fills their stockings and leaves a *small* gift. They're just as happy with a few nice gifts as if we'd piled on tons and tons of junky toys.