The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Contest For A Free Slinky Jr. Shortwave Antenna

This Contest will last till 23:59PST on the 5th of November. Remember, remember the 5th of November.

This is a contest for a free Slinky Shortwave Antenna. The top two or three comments to this post will win a free antenna. But you will have to work for this you don’t just win if you make a comment. And I will read the comments and pick the top two or three that I like.
I want you to respond to this question, How or what do you think will be the trigger event to bring on a breakdown of this country? Or if you think it has already started state what you think started it and what is next for this country?

Make sure you have an e-mail at your blog or give me an e-mail in your comment so if you win I can tell you and get shipping info.

Thank You All For Reading My Blog And Good Luck. Pete


  1. I think the meltdown will begin when the projected hyper-inflation hits, especially if it hits around the holiday season.

    We are a nation used to having what we want, when we want it and giving our children whatever their little hearts desire, whether they need it or not. When American consumers have to choose between toys and food, or electronics and fuel, it's going to be ugly...especially in middle class America.

    It's pathetic, but I can visualize folks scrounging and counting coins so they can buy the new 'it' electronic, and getting into knock-down, hair-pulling fights over the 'have to have' toy of the year. When the middle class realizes they have to choose between surviving and goodies, I think there will be rioting, looting, armed robberies, home-invasions, pick-pocketing and purse-snatching; all in the name of a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah.

    As ridiculous as it all sounds, I honestly think that will be the trigger. We have an entire country with serious entitlement issues and when they realize they can't have/afford what they want, things will breakdown, from the shopping centers outward.

    And naturally, the aforementioned folks with entitlement issues will need someone to blame; the Fed, State, Local Governments, Big Business, Uncle Sam, Wall Street, Communists, Socialists; someone other than themselves and their spoiled brat children.

  2. I think the trigger will be when the people in cities don't get any more government checks in the mail, or when the checks are no longer any good. That will be the signal that the game is over. That will be when the rioting and looting and burning will begin. Food in the stores will quickly run out and people will be looking hard and fast for sustenance and water to ease their misery. When that happens it is time to lock and load and be ready to defend yourself and your family and friends.

    There will be Martial Law proclaimed and big announcements about troops to stop the rioting but it will be of no effect. Too big a country and too big a population. All hell will break loose. This is the signal to watch your own ass. The bad guys will be on the way.


  3. Did you want just one? I believe it will be a combination of things and it's already started. Our infrastructure for one, with the aging of our utilities (electric, water, natural gas...), and the major growth of over populated city centers, it wouldn't take much for the utilities, mainly electricity I suspect, to topple like dominoes. You get an especially hot summer, everyone running their air conditioners, TVs, home theater systems, fans, huge wasteful freezers and fridges... once one major area goes down, the others nearby, in an attempt to rescue the first, will also go down...

    There is the potential danger of domestic and foreign terrorists taking out one or more of our utilities. Same result, imagine whole cities without water, or electricity, or natural gas... take your pick, if things aren't put back into place in very short order, there will be a breakdown in society, people will riot, steal, kill and destroy what's left over.

    That leaves the government to come in and "help" bring things back into order, martial law will be enacted, the public will be rounded up and placed in secure areas, any weapons (read: guns) will be confiscated, including any left in homes, can't have them stolen, so the gov steals it first, all for our own good of course.

    After that, new laws will go into effect to help prevent this sort of thing from happening again, more "protections", laws to make it easier for TPTB to come in quicker and squelch any uprisings of the people, all in the name of national security.

    All it's going to take is a major (or series of smaller) disaster(s), whether man made or acts of God, it's what TPTB are waiting for in order to gain even more control over the sheeple.

    I also think our illustrious leaders pandering to foreign powers, giving away our sovereignty, apologizing for the things that made and make our Country great, TPTB are trying to build a one world government, that might just be our biggest downfall yet.

    Our own people, those who live on government handouts, generation after generation living on the dole, with our now president giving away and promising to give away more and more, the people become even more dependent on the government for everything, food, health care, education, entertainment... they are getting so weak as a result of getting everything handed to them.

    I watched a story on the news yesterday, something about whether or not to INFORM parents if their under age daughter is going to have an abortion, INFORM, not consent but to inform! You have to have a parental consent to give an aspirin, but it's legal to have an abortion without parental consent AND without even informing the parents. You want to know about the breakdown of our country?

    A drunk driver with multiple DWIs hits a car with a pregnant women inside, the woman and unborn baby die, the man is charged with 2 murders, suppose the woman was on her way to an abortion clinic to have an abortion because it was inconvenient for her to have a baby right then... and that isn't murder???

    I have lots more, but I think I've made my point. Instead of complaining and whining about all of these problems, we chose to remove ourselves from main stream society, we moved away from the big city, built our own place 100% off grid, we are not self sufficient, but I guarantee that we can survive much longer out here in the event that TSHTF. And we did this very much on the cheap, if we did it, I'd say that most anyone can.


  4. Great comments and all three of you have won a Slinky Jr. Shortwave Antenna. I have sent out an e-mail to let you know you won, so just e-mail me back with the address you want the item sent to. Thank you my friends Pete