The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Help The Sheeple Wake Up!!!!

We all need to help wake up some of the sheeple. I myself have not been talking to very many people about the coming collapse, because I was tired of the stone wall I would run into every time I would bring up the subject. But I think I need to step it up and try to help some of the dead heads out there. I think with some of the crazy stuff uncle sugar is pulling on all of us it will be a little bit easier to wake them up. I know that some of them will never wake up and never see the light till the train is just about to hit them. But I am going to try again to help the few that will allow me to help them. I know our time is short and everyday we waste doing nothing is a day gone forever. I will try to plant the seeds of preparedness in as many people as I can. I do have one person at works that thinks like me. I talk with her every time I see her, and she is working to better herself and her family with supplies. I wish everyone would think like this and get their families stocked up on food, water, medical supplies and household items for the coming collapse. I just don't understand why people will buy car, boat, house, life and medical insurance to be ready for any unseen trouble, but if you mention the words EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, SURVIVAL OR SURVIVALIST; then you have become a instant nut or crazy person. I stock up because I want the insurance of survival after a collapse and I would like to do it with as little trouble as I can get away with.

I am going to start talking with the sheeple again and I'm not sure if I will do any good or not, but I'm going to give it one more try till I get sick of it again. I think I get a little crazy when I can't talk to people about survival. I have been quiet for weeks now and need to try to help again. In a week or two I will be posting how I'm tired of the stone wall again.
As for you people who do prep I ask you to step up your work because it looks bad. I still think I am going to wake up one day soon to TEOTWAWKI. Our time is short.


  1. May I humbly suggest talking to people without using the phrases 'emergency preparedness, survival or survivalist'? Those are trigger words, my friend. Media has turned survival into a big joke, so when people hear those phrases, they are either put on their guard or think you're certifiably insane.

    I try to take the 'Ma Ingalls' approach to selling emergency preparedness. What would Ma Ingalls do to prepare for this winter? The holidays? Planting season?

    My approach is more along the lines of reminding people that the county can't afford salt to clear roads this winter, so best have powdered milk, canned meat and bread ingredients on hand, just in case we get snowed in.

    And after living through a hurricane I'm sure glad we had extra oil and oil lamps. Did you have what you needed to make it through Hurricane Ike?

    Or now that food prices are going up, it sure helps to buy in bulk and hit those sales! Did I mention Walmart has Honeysuckle turkeys for .60/lb???

    It may sound lame, but it's a more feel-good, sugar-coated approach to planting the seed. And as long as that seed is planted, isn't that what's important?

  2. I stopped talking to people.
    It just doesn't do any good.
    The problem now is, some people know some of
    my plans. Now I have to watch out for them.

  3. So, Miss Mara and I just got back from a stock up trip and admittedly, our cart looked odd. Lots of beans, rice, pasta, pickling salt and drink mixes. An older (65-70) couple stopped and made a comment that it looked like I was making soup mixes in jars for Christmas gifts. Um no. I think the dollar is going to collapse and I'm in the dreadful habit of enjoying eating. That turned into a 20 minute conversation right in the middle of the bean aisle! Turned out they were prepping for the worst too. We exchanged some ideas and asked questions and it was a very pleasant time! You just never know what one little statement will lead to LOL.

  4. Andrea this is why I do still talk with people and I do try to stay away from the Survivalist word. It's so nice to run into other people that think like you do, It gives me hope for the country.

  5. So what ever happened to the human instinct of "fight our flight" when danger is right in your face? Of the two I personally choose to fight!
    The "Sheeple" choose to hide their head in the sand expecting somebody (us?) to cover their exposed asses.
    Bottom line's damn hard to talk to an Asshole!
    They will either pull their heads (ears) out of the sand and listen or they will sufficate. While their doing that..I suggest you "save your breath" cuz I've given up on em!
    Good luck my friend..

  6. I think it's just hard for people to accept a reality other than what they're used to. It's hard to conceive of the US crumbling or the dollar being absolutely useless. Lack of food is unimagineable for anyone who didn't survive the first Depression. I don't think we should give up talking, but I think we should expect to encounter apathy and disbelief.

  7. Personally, I've quit talking with anyone about it. Those I've spoken with in the past are no better today than they were then- worse off, in fact and going to get worse. Screw them: they've had the same warning signs as any of us, have had as much time yet they refuse to listen.
    The worst part is seeing family in the sheeple herd and I've about given up on them as well: they don't want to listen, they don't need to come see me when they want some help, either.
    The time for talk is past. They either act on their own accord for their own defense or get what they deserve. Sheeple are a waste of time and effort.
    Sad way to be perhaps, and sure makes it difficult to blog about it, but that's how I'm feeling.
    Shy III