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The End Is Near
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Survival Skills # 34 How to Make a Winter Survival Kit for a Car

Though rare, there are certain times a winter survival kit for your car will come in handy. People die every year in their automobiles from exposure to the elements during harsh weather conditions. It takes mere minutes for the warmth of a car to plunge into deadly below zero temperatures in many parts of the country. There is a basic survival kit that takes up very little space in your car and may someday save your life and those who may be with you. The items can fit into a small plastic tote and fit nice in your trunk, you’ll never know it’s there till you need it.

Step 1
Include items in your survival kit which can heat up the car. To warm up a car that has died by the side of the road in a blizzard, certain items are proven to be effective. Have a UCO Original Candle Lantern, with extra candles. Make sure to have a window open just a little for oxygen to get into the car. And don’t forget the matches and 2-3 bic lighters.

Step 2
Pack candles. Another way to warm up the interior of a car in freezing weather is with a medium candle placed in a metal coffee can. Make sure you crack a window. The warmth of one candle can raise the temperature enough to keep you alive. Two candles in two cans are even better. You can store two coffee cans with toilet paper in each one and have the lid for both. That way you have a make shift bathroom if needed. Of course the extra jackets, blankets lots of blankets (4-8 of them), hats, gloves, socks, and long underwear that you packed in your winter survival kit will help also. Plus put the pocket hand warmers in your kit after the hunting season you can find them for 50-75% off, so stock up and pack them in your car kit.

Step 3
Have a way to signal someone for help from the car. A cell phone will work great if you have a useful signal. A flashlight with batteries can be used to signal in the dark and aid in reading car manuals. You must have some flares in your kit they work very well for many things. I would have a crank radio and crank flashlight in your kit.

Step 4
Include food and water in your survival kit. This is important to keep up your energy if you have to remain with your vehicle over a prolonged period. This does happen in remote places in severe weather. Nuts, dried fruit and candy bars will provide nutrition and energy. Cup-a-soup, ramen noodles and a few cans of soup or stew with help out in a time of need. Bottled water will keep you hydrated so keep a case of water in your car. You will need a mess kit with a metal cup and bowl so you can heat your food. And forks and spoons will help to.

Step 5
A good first-aid kit, you can buy a store bought one just add needed items that you and your family would need. You most make this kit fit your needs and the needs of your family. So add the little things that your family need.

Step 6
Keep your survival kit current. Making a list of things you need for your survival kit is an easy way to remember to pack it during winter months. It is also a good way to ensure there are fresh batteries in your flashlight, extra batteries, dry, new matches or good lighters, or new food and water. And make a list of all items in the kit and the dates that the item goes bad so you can pull that item when needed.

Step 7
A small flare-gun kit. You can get this at Wal-Mart for about $25-$35 and is well worth the money. If you are lost and broke down in the cold and snow a plane near may never see your car but if you shot off the flare gun it’s a good chance they will see you. This is one item that is worth its weight in gold.

Things you’ll need:
Two large metal coffee cans
Two rolls of toilet paper
Small flare-gun kit
4-8 Medium sized smokeless candles
Matches and 3-4 lighters
Bottled water(one case)
Packaged nuts, dried fruit, soup, and ramen noodles
Cell phone
Flashlight with extra batteries
Warm clothing, blankets at least 4, hats, gloves and other warm clothes


  1. This is what I need to get busy on. I have a few random things thrown in the back of our vehicles, but not enough to be comfortable with...and it's beginning to look like winter here...perpetual cloudiness from now til April.

  2. Good advice and it comes at a good time. Winter is upon us here in KY. Thanks for all the good info. Counldn't add a thing to your list.

    Good Job.

    Code Name "Bullseye"