The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Much Do We Need?

How much food, water, ammo and supplies do we need to survive. If you have 30, 60, 90, 120 or 160 days worth food and water is that all you will need? I think all the food you can save is the amount you will need. I hit a years worth of food for me and my family over two years ago and now I'm up to about two years worth of food for me and the loved ones. Plus I have seeds and plan to hunt and fish to add to my day to day needs for food. And as for ammo I will never feel like I have all that I need. I know one day ammo will be worth more than gold and silver, and I want to have as much ammo as I can. We all need to think that one day we will all have to make and build the things we need to survive, and we will need the skills to do the things we will need to survive. I have set goals for the amount of ammo I think I must have to survive the coming collapse and I have had to move up the numbers more than once because I hit the goal number. So now I just buy and list the amount of ammo I have so I have a count of each caliber and shot. I hear a few people in survival talk about how they have all they need to survive and just can't understand how they can think that way. I don't ever think I will feel like I'm done or have everything I need to survive and I hope most of you are the same way. Keep up your prepping and when you think you have one area covered then work on another area. If you think you have all the rice, beans and other dry goods then work on your tools and gear or extra fuel, car/truck parts or gun parts and gun cleaning supplies. Make a list of needed items and work on it and if you ever get it done, stop and rethink your survival because I don't think we can ever be done with our prepping.
Keep your eye's open and your ear to the ground because evil is coming!!!! Stand ready and keep your powder dry.


  1. We have about a year's worth of food, with access to ground water in the form of 2 creeks, a lake and a pond. And there's a herd of deer I've had my eye on LOL. I'm like you; I don't think enough is ever enough, but I think we've made great progress over the past year or two and we're waaaaaay ahead of the curve.

    BTW-I love the new look of your blog. Very clean and modern. Easy to read too.

  2. I agree 100% that you can't put a number on your preps. I decided awhile back that I will continue to add to my preps for as long as I can. Once SHTF I am sure those of us who have followed this advice will NOT be sorry.

  3. Pete, right or wrong I am with you on food,ammo,other supplies.A lot of blog writers say 5000 rounds of this,10,000 rounds of that,couple hundred for your pistol.I don't know about you but if civil war,martial law,attack by another country,etc,etc I want truck loads of ammo,food,supplies.I don't think these guy's are doing there readers a service.Just my opinion.