The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's Next On Your Prep List?

What's next on your list of to do or to get? What item is your next buy for your survival or what is your next skill to learn to help you after the collapse hits? I plan to buy a new gun and mags for it. I think I will stick with the .223 theme. I have a mini-14 and love it and think I will get a extra one so my ammo and my mags will work with both, but this time I think I will buy the all-weather Black Hogue mini-14 with the thicker barrel. I have the ranch rifle and love it and have about 25 mags for it so if I stick with the mini-14 and add more ammo and mags it will help me to have uniformity with my guns. I have gone back and forth on this and looked at a lot of guns and for this next one it will be a 2nd mini-14, then I will work on the Socom M1A. I hope you guys are all working on your preps because the news out and about is looking worse every few days. I'm sure the collapse is near and the sheeple and walking dead are not even thinking a collapse can happen and are not prepared for anything, much less the end of the world as we know it. All I can say is keep up the prepping and stay alert to the coming collapse. Keep your eye's open and your powder dry. And as a good friend would always say Stay Alive! I hope the good friend can find his way back to his blog he will be missed.


  1. I'm still working on heat sources for this winter. I wish we could install a woodstove, but that's just about impossible. So I'm doing the next best thing and looking to kerosene stoves, propane heaters, solar ovens for cooking and lots of warm blankets and quilts.

    I'm also watching for wool sweaters that I can shrink in the dryer and use the fabric for mittens and slippers. If you've never worn a pair of felted wool mittens, you're missing out! Of course, you don't really have a lot of snow in California, do you?

  2. I'm still trying to finish my latest AR-15 build.
    Once that's done, I dunno. I have a few choices although, probably unreachable, an M-14.
    A 30-30 is on my mind and cheaper, but thats another caliber I'd have to stock.
    I'm stocked as much as I can be on .308 and .223. I'm going for reloading components for them now. Powder is what I'm trying to find now. Specifically Hogdon's Varget powder. My issue is Mass won't let me keep more than 3 lbs.
    A cache would work for that though. LOL

    Pete, just curious, does CA. allow you to purchase pre-ban hi cap mags? I can buy them for myself in Mass, but they are expensive.
    $30 - $35 per 30 rounder. AR's included.
    My issue is, an overbearing cop telling me they aren't pre-ban. That would be a long battle with the PTB to prove my innocence. I think I'll just hide them any way.

  3. Pete,
    I have two mini 14s that I purchased about twenty years apart. I found that the factory mags were not interchangable between the two and some of the aftermarket 30 round mags I have will only attach to the newer model. That was a bummer cuz I assumed there would be complete compatability. I've had to color code the mag butt plates to avoid confusion (just what you need in a firefight, checkin' the bottoms of your mags).
    If you're thinking of buying used you might keep that in mind and bring one of your current mags with ya to check compatability.
    As for reliability you can't beat the things though. I've put thousands of rounds through both of them with very few malfunctions.