The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

War With Iran???

Israel, US preparing for war with Iran
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A flurry of news reports over the past week indicate that Israel and the US are readying for an imminent military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
On Wednesday, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported that about a week ago a squad of Israeli military aircraft landed at a military airstrip in Saudi Arabia, of all places. It was reported earlier this month that Saudi Arabia had agreed to let Israel pass through its airspace in order to strike Iran.
The Israeli aircraft reportedly landed at the airport in Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia, which according to the report will act as the central base of operations for the Israeli air campaign against Iran.
Fars cited a local Saudi resident who said the Israeli presence and cooperation between the ruling local Saudi prince and the Jewish state was the talk of the town.
Saudi Arabia does not have formal relations with Israel, and publicly refers to the Jewish state as an enemy. But Riyadh is just as fearful of an Iranian nuclear bomb as Israel, and would likely resort to any means to avoid having its regional economic influence disturbed.
At the same time, Iran’s Press TV reported that a very large contingent of US ground forces had massed in neighboring Azerbaijan. The independent Azerbaijani news website Trend confirmed the report.
Those reports came just days after the Pentagon confirmed that an unusually large fleet of US warships had indeed passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal en route to the Persian Gulf. At least one Israeli warship reportedly joined the American armada.

Congress Votes to Impose Embargo On Iran
Infowars.comJune 25, 2010
Congress has moved closer to war with Iran“Congress on Thursday approved tough new unilateral sanctions aimed at squeezing Iran’s energy and banking sectors, which could also hurt companies from other countries doing business with Tehran,” Reuters reports. “The House of Representatives passed the bill 408-8 and sent it to President Barack Obama for signing into law. The Senate had approved it 99-0 earlier in the day.”
Congress has pushed for crippling sanctions against Iran for months. At the behest of Obama — in other words, at the behest of the elite — Congress held off until the U.N. Security Council and the European Union agreed on new multilateral sanctions. Congress, however, believes more punitive measures are still required in order to punish the Islamic state for its nuclear energy program. Iran is permitted under the NPT to develop nuclear energy but Congress, Obama, Israel and the Europeans insist the program is a cover for a nuclear weapons program.
“The U.N. sanctions, though a good first step, are quite tepid. And they are tepid because there are other members of the Security Council who want to keep doing that business with Iran. … The United States … has to pass these unilateral sanctions,” declared Democrat senator Barbara Mikulski.
The U.S. has infused the Gulf states with armaments and currently has an armada of warships patrolling Iran’s shores. “Iran’s rulers will sense that the conventional balance of power is tilting dramatically against them,” explains the Council on Foreign Relations.
In early June, Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker reported from Spain that a majority of Bilderberg members are now in favor of military air strikes on Iran. “An attack on Iran would provide a welcome distraction to the globalists’ failings in other areas and would also allow them to war profiteer,” Paul Joseph Watson reported the American Free Press journalist as saying.
Iran has admitted the globalist are gunning for them. “The Islamic Republic in Iran is facing ‘a sinister international conspiracy’ designed to ‘replace religious rule with secularism.’ The plot was allegedly hatched by a ’secret society of Freemasons’ known as the Bilderberg Group whose members include many of the Western world’s richest and most powerful businessmen and politicians,” Iranian journalist Amir Taheri wrote in 2008.
On June 9, the United Nations Security Council voted to impose a new round of sanctions on the country. Obama hailed the effort as “the toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government.” The main thrust of the sanctions is against military purchases, trade and financial transactions carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, according to the New York Times.
Ron Paul stated in December of last year that sanctions are in essence a declaration of war. “It is designed to foment war by cutting off trade and diplomacy. Too many forget that the quagmire in Iraq began with an embargo. Sanctions are not diplomacy. They are a precursor to war and an embarrassment to a country that pays lip service to free trade,” Paul said. “If a foreign government attempted to isolate the U.S. economically, cut off our supply of gasoline, or starve us to death, would it cause Americans to admire that foreign entity? Or would we instead unite under the flag for the survival of our country?”

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