The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The People Of This Country.......

The people of this country don't have a clue to what lies ahead. As I walked around and sat and watched the people this last weekend. I could see that no one has a clue to what great doom is headed our way, and to the most part is already here. As I can see the biggest part of the country live for the day and don't have any plan for tomorrow, much less long term survival. I see the biggest part of the people just as most of you see them, as sheeple. I had a good talk this weekend with a older man. I was at a big sports store in Denver and talked with this guy as I looked at the ammo. As I pulled this and that from the shelf he looked at each item I pulled and after a few items he asked me what I needed all that ammo for? And being so far from home and knowing I would never see this guy again I just told the truth. I said, " I'm stocking up for the coming collapse and know I will need this to survive" He stopped and had a stunned look on his face then looked around and said that's why I'm here. He told me that he goes out every week and looks for ammo and other survival items. I let hem know that I do the same thing. So we talked for a few minutes and he helped to build a sense of hope in my heart. I know this man is one of the 1-3% of this country but it helped me to see that there are a few that can see the coming collapse and are doing something about it. He was older than me and I'm 41, I think he was about 50 or so. He talked about having food, water and guns with ammo to survive the coming collapse. The one thing I liked about this guy was he was very careful about who heard what he had to say and was very careful to not let others who walked by hear what he had to say. I don't think he would have told me anything till he found out I was from another state.

We need more people like this guy and more people like the men and women who read this blog. I know it's hard to talk with the sheeple about the coming collapse, but we need to help the walking dead to become ready for the impending doom that will cover this country like a plague. The collapse is here and it is a slow down hill pull and at some point it will snap like a rope with to much tension on it. And at that point if you are not ready it will be to late to do very much. If you read this part of my blog and then never come back or never read any other survival blog please take this one bit of info; The collapse is here and life will get very hard to live and goods will become very hard to find so stock up on some needed items for your own survival. If I'm wrong all you will be out is a little time and a little money, but if I'm right and you stocked up on needed items you will have the gift of life for as long as you stocked up for. I think you need to have at least 30, 60, 90 days of food, water and other supplies, but if you can stock up for the long term do so. That means guns, ammo, seeds, and much more needed items. More to come in my blog on long term survival.
Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground because evil is near and it feeds on death.


  1. Great post, Pete. I had something similar happen to me last winter when I was buying up beans. An older couple (70's maybe?) made a comment that it looked like I was getting ready to make bean-soup jars for Christmas gifts. I told them I was stocking up for when the dollar collapsed. They looked at me funny for a second, then leaned in real close and told me what they were doing to get ready. You just never know where an off-handed comment will lead you.

  2. Enjoy your post. Like to read and see how others are doing. Nice to know I am not alone. Sometimes it feels that way,. But I havent done what I have done because other feel this way or that, I have done what I have done because I beleive with every bone in my body. I am a firm beleiver that where there is life there is hope. But that being said is one isnt well on there way to being prepaired you just might not make it. I cant stand the thought of telling my children and grandchildren when they as for something to eat that the cubbard is bare. Look at your family and ask what excuse are you ready to use.

  3. There are two similar incidents that ocurred (sp) to me. One in the gunshop just after the Dark Lord was elected. One older than I fellow (I'm 63) and I were buying cases of ammo and a young 30's kid watched, then asked why we wanted so much ammo.
    Not knowing him, and knowing he didn't know me, I just told him to wait six months and see what kind of shit comes down the pike. The older fellow jumped right in, described exactly how it was going to come down- and has.
    The oldster had a comment to me as we left the store- "These young fools don't see, do they?"
    Another was at a recent shoot and we were talking about lead supply for bullet casting. I don't recall what I said, but one of the guys piped in and said, "You aren't one of those guys on the 'dark side', are you?"
    I laffed and told him I made the dark side look like sunshine... and we started talking about preps. Surprising how many really are into prepping and we don't even know it.
    But it's refreshing.
    Shy III

  4. Pete,
    In regard to reaching the sheeple.
    I've recently found some progress when explaining to them that prepping is nothing more than a insurance policy in which you get a 100% return in dividends. If you never make a claim at least you can eat or sell your preps. What spices would you use to eat your auto insurance policy?
    What it really amounts to is Tyranny insurance but if you explain it that way you'll just get a zombie like blank stare.
    Yes, there are far more out there than care to admit in the prepping community.
    There is for sure an awakening.
    We can only hope that it is a "silent MAJORITY" that keep it to themselves..

  5. What a great post! It's good to know there are others out there that are just as concerned about the coming collapse. Better to be prepared and not need it, than to try to find oil for your lamp when it's too late! Another important aspect is to educate ourselves in primitive living, camping out, hunting for your own food, growing your own food, and basically learning how to take care of yourself. To most survivalists, these are essential basics, but I am sometimes appalled at most Americans inability to even accomplish the smallest aspects of these.

  6. What Joe said!!! It's amazing how flat-out ignorant people are now. I say that with as much love as I can muster, but it's true. Men don't know how to hunt, women don't know how to cook or sew. They can play Wii and scrapbook all day long, but they never bother to learn any real skills.