The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What Is Yor Line In The Sand?

What is your point of no return? What is the one thing that Big Brother can do to you that will push you over the edge? I know a few people that say it would be the gun grab or the RFID chip. For me I'm just about to my end of the rope. I have almost had it with the BS from the leaders of this country. So far all I can see; as far as there leadership is that they are leading use down the road to doom or death. I have never see this country this bad in all my 41 years of life. I can't see how we are not about to collapse. Every where you look you can see stupid BS from Big Brother. They walk on the Constitution like is a hunk of junk. They use some of it for there advantage and try to get rid of or rewrite the parts that they don't like. I say it's time for a real change, we all need to raise a little hell and take to the streets. Pitch forks in one hand and the word of God and the words of the Founding Fathers in the other, and take back our country from the bobble heads who run it now. Hell I bet a room full of monkeys and jackasses could run the country better than the fools in office now. I feel as if now is the time to make a stand for real freedom. Stand strong and ready your guns and ammo, because a fight is coming and it's coming soon.


  1. My line was crossed long ago. Alas, I am but one....

  2. You said a mouthful brother. Amen!!!

  3. Pete,my line is already crossed.I just posted on Mayberry's when the hell do we go to Wash?We give em much longer there will be nothing to save.Now they are saying Japan is about to Greece,and we are following,we all know you can't spend our way out of debt.The gulf is being destroyed yet no one is doing much.Yeah my line is crossed.Where are the sheep,and what will stampede em?


  4. Pete,
    you said..
    "Hell I bet a room full of monkeys and jackasses could run the country better than the fools in office now".
    That is exactly what we have in office right now!
    What we need in Washington are Patriots who will shoot the first son of a bitch that trys to bribb/intimidate them.
    Hell if shootin' those bastards is a perk then maybe I'll run for office.
    "I'll work for free"!
    Just compensate me for ammo spent cuz there would be a shit load of it..