The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What If The SHTF Today?

What would you do first? What would be your first step? I know I have a plan for when the SHTF and I have a few things on my list to do ASAP. If I can I plan to make that last ditch run to the local store within blocks of my house. Any and all food, water and other items I can afford. I do have a friend that plans to do the same thing in his home town but not pay for any thing just take it. I plan to pay if I can but if I get to this store and no one is there I plan to shop for free. If the SHTF fast and I can't get out to do my last run on the store then it's fine. I have other things to do on my list. I'm not sure how the collapse will hit or if I will have to bug out or shelter in place. I plan to stay in place and make a go at it here. But if I need to bug out I have a plan for it and if I can as I bug out I will hit up the few stores I know of on my route out of town. And I do have a stash of food, water and extra ammo on three routes out of town.

So what would be your first thing you do? The collapse hits and you have to get your ass going, what do you do first?
What is the top five things on your list to do first? Post a comment and let me know.


  1. Pray for wisdom, and for God to make his voice perfectly clear to me.


  2. 1. Load up
    2. Haul butt
    3. Prep bugout spot for defense

    That's pretty much it. All my stuff is in containers, quickly loadable. I've run every possible route to my bugout spot many times, so should have no problems. Everything else I need is at the hidey-hole...

  3. Man, I just can't get my head around taking anything. I just can't do it. We are preping and will continue to do that but taking from others? Not my families style. I am starting to build a library of edible plants plans for building thing. I am looking at how to make shoes this week.

    I know that when this all brakes down that the people I see taking from others I will have nothing to do with. You have to have some character and principles or what is the use? survival just for survival's sake does not work and never will.

    Take care...

  4. Depends on the scenario but assume that I do not have to leave i.e. shelter in place (at least for now). So the first thing I do before anything else (since I have on hand at least a six month supply of food and water via our well and a generator) is to wire the house tight. Trip wires/flares go out. Guns are broken out and a sentry routine is set up. Before I head out to pick up what I can (with my oldest boy) I want the wife and kids to be safe while I am gone.