The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Group Or Solo?

Andrea over at Chicky-Bit-Run got me to thinking about this question. So what is the pro's and the con's of group or solo?

+Can Move Faster
+You Need Less To Survive
+No Arguments
+Quiet(unless you make a lot of noise)

-No One On Watch When You Sleep
-No Security
-You Get Wore Down Faster When You Have To Do Everything

+Support System
+Extra Gear
+More Ideas and More Ways To Think
+You Can Split Up The Work
+Security, With Extra People You Can Set Up Guard Duty In Shifts

-More Supplies Needed
-Need Of Leadership

There are lots of ideas on this question and I know everyone will not think the same, but I think that have a few more people around you is a lot better than going it alone. With all the work that is needed to survive it is much better to share the work than doing it all on your own. And have you ever heard the saying two sets of eye's are better than one, well I think it's true and will be a plus in a post-collapse event.

Time is short and the collapse is near, so get ready and keep up your prepping. With the news of the world and the BS we get pushed on us everyday now is not the time to waste time. So get out and look for deals and stock up for your survival.


  1. The personality conflicts that would inevitably come up in a group survival scenario...oh, that's scary. But honestly, I can't see how we'd make it without my parents and probably the neighbors too. Especially with 2 little kids. Thank God we're all inter-married!!! ;)

    Are you hearing the rumors that the major networks are actually calling this a Depression????

  2. I think solo is ideal but not practical, especially long term. Twist and ankle, catch the swine flu plague, etc and you are done. Group dynamics can be hard but I think when your very survival rests on others it might make everyone a little more agreeable. The delusion that we can make it alone is what has helped destroy our culture.

  3. Thats a real tough one there.
    For the most part, I trust no one.

    My thoughts are as such...
    Family is ok.
    Friends, if they have the same mind set, should be included. But, drive is different for different people. The, "I dont feel like it today" is something to be weary of.
    Strangers... ummm "HELL NO!"

    Separate living quarters should be a must if combining people, even family. Cabin fever sucks and alone time is treasured. Houses should be somewhat close together so as easily defended. I would go as far as digging underground tunnels between them for safety reasons. Sleeping quarters should be in the basement. Cooler for sleeping and ballistic protection in case of a night assault (pros & cons there).
    In a perfect world with lots of cash this maybe feasible for a retreat or year round living.
    Just some random thoughts to throw out there.