The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, July 19, 2010

What Is In Your B.O.B. ? Is It Time To Check It?

What do you have in your bug out bag(BOB) Is it set up for the wilderness and you live in the city? Or did you pack it full of great stuff ten or more years ago and have no idea of what is in the kit now. I ask each of you to take a few hours and check your BOB and make sure it is up to date and ready to do it's job. Remember it is a tool you may have to use to save your life. And if you have other kits like a car kit or a work kit (Get Home Bag,GHB) check them as well. I have a small note book that I keep a check list in and a log of dates when I last checked my bags, and it has a list of items that needs to be replaced because of the date. This works well for me and helps me to keep up with the items that have dates of use on them. Most of the items are in the first-aid kit part of the whole kit but I like to keep the meds up to date and fresh as I can. I pull old items to use now, like the Advil and other meds that are getting near the date when the FDA thinks it is out of date, and by the way I don't agree with the dates from the FDA because I have used two years old Advil and it still works. I'm sure as time goes on it gets to a point where it's not 100% and I'm sure the percentage goes down with time and climate. Get a small note book and start a list of items you need to check and put down the dates that they go out of date and about every 6 months or so check the kits and add new items and remove items you no longer need or have updated to better items. This kit is so important and is a big part of most survivalist plan of survival so spend the small amount of time to keep it up and ready to go. Just like most things in survival you need to put a little work and planing into it but if it's ever needed you will get a full return on your time and effort. Remember that survival is planing and doing, not thinking about it or getting to it later. The people who are ready for the collapse and have there gear up to date will have a much better percentage to survive. Keep your gear ready and working at all times, stay safe and stand ready for the collapse, because our time is short and our days are running out. The collapse is very near and our way of life is about to change forever.


  1. Pete,mine has two trot lines,snares,fire steel,bic lighters,lint-vaseline,mag starter,3 candles,alcohol can stove+small bottle alcohol,mess kit,canteen,tuna packet,beefjerky,ramens,hawk,saw,tarp,small light tent,ammo,fishing line-supplies,550 cord,srk-pendelton hunter (skinner),kukri,first aid supplies,tp,boonie hat,2 bandanas,socks,sweatshirt,coldsteel shovel doubles as ax.Two tubes of bug dope.Fillet knife,diamond hone.More or less depending on season.Still need personal water filter,frog gig,a few other items.Akso have Presc meds.


  2. Haven't thought about a BOB for urban survival, but I'm hinking I should have one for both directions!

    Thanks for the reminder!