The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Prep Or Not To Prep?

I work with a great group of people at work. I think it's about 50 or so and out of the 50 or so people I know only two people prep for sure, and I think one may prep a little and out of the two I know I'm one of them. So that means only one person other than myself stocks up on food. I talk and I talk till I get so mad, and from time to time I say I will never say another word about stocking up on food and water. But I know I will it's in my blood to prep and to try to help others to prep. I think that every person I talk into storing food is one more person that will not be out in the streets running around like a chicken with there head cut off the day of the collapse. I feel like there is a little bit of survivalist inside every person just trying to get out, it's just that most people will never let that part of themselves out till it's way to late. And most people just want to survive at any cost, like the cost of your life the guys life next to you and so forth. Plan to survive and survive to plan. For the people that read this blog and prep....... keep it up and put it into high gear, because the collapse is near. It seems that most people are not going to prep and the few that are need to stand strong.


  1. Pete,
    You may work with what you feel "are a great group of people".
    God bless Ya for trying to awaken them but watch your OPSEC my friend.
    When the SHTF and they know you have a food stash.. they may still be a "group"..but not so "great"!
    ("but Pete,NOW I know you were right but my children are starving")..
    Cover your ass Buddy!

  2. Thanks Northwoods, But no one at work knows where I live and never will. And as much as I like the people I work with every time one of them asks what do you have stored away I tell them life for me and my family I try to never let them in on everything or anything I have, and to the ones that just say I will just come to your house if we have a collapse. I tell them to come on over if they think they can find me and when they show up be ready to be put to work, because I need good compost for the garden. They just look at me with a blank look and at that point I say don't waste you time because I will not open my doors to any one friend or foe.