The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, March 8, 2010

How Do You Start To Store Food?

If I was starting from scratch and looking at buying my first amount of food to store. I think I would go to Wal-Mart and buy dry goods, like rice, beans and oats. I would use my food saver and pack the dry goods into small one or two days of use packs. Then I would pack the food into 5 gallon buckets or some other containers that are air tight. If you can afford to get some oxygen absorbers I would get them and add them to your buckets. I would get can foods that I like and buy a large stock of them. Make sure you rotate your canned foods and dry goods. Try to buy on sale and look over the Sunday ads. This last week we had a store near us that had a case of water for $1.99 with a limit of two per person, so me and the wife both went she got two and I got two and we went back later and did the same thing. The sale was for Sat-Sun and we went both days and ended up with 12 cases of water. The same store had canned corn and peas at a great price with no limit so we stocked up on them. Remember the sweet peas and Ramen Noodle go great together and both are very low cost. With a little planning and a little work you can start a food storage plan and do it with very little money. There are a few things you will have to spend a little money on, like protein. You can do as I have done and buy the Mt. House canned meats. I have the beef and chicken in the #10 cans. I have a good bit of this to go with other foods, such as rice, beans and other foods. If you take a cup of rice after you have cooked it and eat it you will feel better, but if you add some red or black beans and some chicken or beef to it it's 100 times better. I know that my stock of food will only last for so long so I have a plan for this. I plan to hunt and fish with my son-in-law, we both are good hunters and I can fish with the best of them. I started fishing as a young boy and have been doing so ever since. I plan to grow a garden with seeds from BigJohn Lipscomb( ). And as always I plan to barter my skills for items I need.
Just starting out as a survivalist can be a big leap into a very large world of hard work, but I can ensure you that every day you put into your preps you will get many days of life from it. I think more and more people are seeing the light and starting to prep. I would like to say that most people are doing this but that's just not true. Although many are beginning to prep very few in this country are prepping over all. I work with about 50-65 people at my work I know one person preps and think maybe one other may prep, so that would be 3 out of 50 or 6% and I think this is a good look at what the rest of the country is at. If only 6% of the people in this country are storing food we are in big trouble. When the collapse hits we will see the worst in people. So the moral of this little story is if you are not storing food you need to start and start now, because your life and the lives of your family depend on it. Sit down and start a plan today and start slow and build up to doing more.


  1. Storing food IS a big leap, but at the same time, it's not insurmountable. Spend $10/week on sale items and the pantry will be full in no time.

  2. Get the book, "Dare To Prepare" by Holly Deyo



  3. Oxygen absorbers can be made by taking a paper towel and folding in half then place 1/4 of a fine steel wool pad, sprinkle with small amount of salt, fold towel over and staple.
    Salt draws the moisture to the pad and causes it to rust which absorbs the oxygen

  4. Uh...Pete... 3 out of 50 is 6% where I come from. And the Handmaiden and I are looking to get a food saver very soon. We think it makes sense.


  5. Thanks Michael,math when you first get up is a new thing I just will not do. And I love my food saver, I have packed up about (13 or 14) 5 gallon buckets with rice, salt, sugar, beans, oats, and corn meal. I have even used the food saver to pack away things in my BOB.