The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So What Should We Do?

I hate talking to the walking dead about the coming collapse and at the same time I hate to think of the event of doom that is coming to kill and steal the very souls of so many. So my new plan is to only talk to people who think like I do or close to the way I think so this cuts out 99% of the people I know. I will still talk small chat with them but I will never try to win another person over to survival unless they start the question and it looks like they are sure they want to know about the info. My days of preaching to the walking dead is over and if I stop to talk to you about prepping it's because you have stopped me and asked a good question and just that will not will you my time or my info I will probe you with some questions just to see if you are for real or if your just kicking my tires. I don't have the time to mess with fools anymore and for a person to get my help and my time from this day on you will need to put in the work yourself and read like I do and get out and learn the skills you will need to survive. Show me you want to survive and I will help, but show me you are a fool and you stay one of the walking dead it's your choice. I prep, and I do so to survive for me and my family so don't think just because I have food, water, medical supplies and gun and ammo you have the right to come to my home and share my goods, the stuff I worked so hard to store!!!! And you think this because you know me or because you think I'm a good guy. Well I'm here to break some bad news to you, because after the collapse hits and you show up at where I live with your hands out looking for free food you not only will waste your time but you will lose your life.
 This is why;
1st- Only a very few know where I live and only me and the wife know the bug-out locations so very few people I know would show up!
2nd- I would never let someone who knew what I had just walk away, because the first group you would come across would get that info one way or the other. I will not take that chance!!! Never!!!
3rd- I would never just give food, water away to someone who weeks before looked at me as a crazy person, You think I'm crazy so is my food and water and you didn't want my crazy info so you don't need my crazy stuff!!
4th- If I give away my food or other supplies cut down on my time to survive! If I give away a weeks worth of food, I just lost a weeks worth of life!
5th- Before the collapse you had signs to the coming doom and you did your same old routine of going to the ballpark, Disneyland, The Spa and all the other things that ate up your time and money so this is all on your shoulders and you have to live with your own stupidity.

Now if you are reading this and don't have preps now is the time to step up!
And if you are reading this and you know someone who has preps but you don't and you think you can just show up for some free food! THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!!!! YOU WILL NOT GET ANY THING FROM PREPPERS IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!

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  1. Well said! You only left out one group,those who say out loud they aren't gonna prep they have guns so they will just take what they want! I have honestly heard several men say this.We all need to keep these in mind.Looters - robbers will be shot.Period!