The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back To Basic Book Giveaway!!!!

I find this book about every other month at one of the Goodwill's I go to and I found this one a week ago and it's my next give away! I have given away about four of these books over the last few years it's a great book and a good to have in your survival library.  And I know this book is a great book so I'm going to make you work for it!

1st Anyone can enter even if you have won this book from me before.....
2nd I would like to get the word out about my blog, I have 75 followers and would like to have 100 ASAP. So help me put out the word........

Here is how to win:
1st-The double name item is to become a new follower, after you click follow then e-mail me your name and let me know you are a new follower and your name goes into the hat two times.
2nd-Blog about my giveaway at your blog and post a link to this posting.
3rd-Make a posting about this giveaway at your survival forum and post a link to this posting.
4th-Tell friends or family about my blog and have them post a comment that you sent them.
For each of these your name will go into the hat once and if you have more than one blog you get your name in the hat for each blog, so the number of times your name gets in the hat is up to you.
Good Luck and thanks for stopping by.

And with this giveaway there is a 2nd prize for the runner up! But it's handmade by me and is very cool. It's a leather walking stick cover and key fob with Don't Tread On Med on them.
I will have my wife pull two names 1st wins the book and 2nd wins the walking stick handle and key fob.
  Thanks Pete


  1. Hi Pete, Been reading your blog for quite a while and just signed up to "follow". Keep up the good stuff - "you are not alone".
    Doug Smith
    PS - everybody's name was Smith 'til they did something wrong and had to change it - mine has been changed several times and is now back to Smith.

  2. Well I have already won a give away of yours. I got the book, which is great. I've got you on the my Blogroll and I'll pump your blog up anyway I can think of and do legally. LOL
    I have to admit the leatherwork is kinda cool. So off I go....

  3. This is one of my favorite books!! I'm glad you are rescuing them from Goodwill. Man, whoever donated them is gonna regret it big time when it comes time for their own survival!!

  4. Now following. Great giveaways!