The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here We Go!!!!

Gold is up today at this posting it is up $32.10 and that puts gold at $1821.10oz
Silver is up and at the posting it is up $0.51 and that puts silver at $40.74oz

So the dollar is down and the stock market is down and at the time of the posting it down -463.71 points.
Every time the market does this big drop they always have a reason like today it's the slow U.S. economy and fear of trouble in Europe with there banking and no stability in there economy. No joke no one has any stability in there economy because it's all fake and everyone is just printing money to stay in front of the eight ball but the bad news is for a long time we all have been behind the eight ball and as dark as the days have been it is only going to get darker. Dark days of doom and gloom is ahead for the U.S and many other countries. The bankers are running the economy into the ground and at the same time they are asking for a bale out with tax dollars which this country doesn't have because over .45 cents of every dollar the U.S. spends is borrowed money, hell that's damn near 50% of every dollar spent is from money we don't have. So let me ask you this question if you paid your bills with 50% coming from your credit cards each month how long would it take for you to go bankrupt? So how long do you think we have as a country? I don't think we have very long to go before we hit full collapse. We are in the slow down hill fall of the collapse now and next is the big pop and the full collapse. And when this happens it will be a dark day in this country. The stock market will drop like a brick falling off a roof and when it hits bottom a very, very large amount of people will lose everything and there will never be a return to the good old days of fun in the sun. We are in pre-collapse mode and everyday we have without a full collapse is a gift and should be used to add to your preps. I went today and got more water and more ammo from Wal-Mart.
Stop and think about it just a little we are so far into debt and can never return from it and we still have more than a year of Obama and the great spending fools in office, so what will the debt be in 3 months, 6 months or 9 months and a full year later? I don't see how we can survive this debt as a country. The next step in the story is bad times and then full collapse. Take your time you have left and prepare you and your family. Stock up on needed items to survive the coming collapse like water, food and a few guns with lots of ammo. My friends we are about to enter a dark age for this country where fighting for life each and everyday will be the new way of life. Each and everyday you build and work to stay alive and under the threat of attack from the walking dead who have no supplies and no hope and we have all seen in the history of this world when good people lose hope they will do bad things to live and to feed there kids. Just think of it this way:

Day 1-Friday- Stock Market drops 1100 points in the first hour of trade, they stop trade for an hour and then when it reopens it drops over 1500 points in minutes so trade is stopped for the day.
People think about it and life goes on.
Day 2- Saturday- People are freaked out a little so a rush on stores happens but not to bad.
Day 3-Sunday- The news is all about the market and how it happened and what is next, and the leaders are saying everything is OK.
Day 4-Monday- When the stock market opens within minutes it drops 2500 point the great Obama stops trade for 3 days to help stop the bleeding economy, the Fed prints a ton of money to feed the market and help stop the fear, the restock at the stores is not very good and with this new drop in the market the people freak and the stores are wiped out in less then two or three hour. Fights start in the lines at the stores and gas stations. Looting is starting and gangs are starting to hit houses and home invasions are going own all over. The police are over whelmed and out gunned. Fights are going on all over and it's not safe to go out in the day light much less at night.
Day 5-Tuesday- National Guard Are called out to set up Martial law in some town and cities and 25% of them do not report and stay home to defend there home and keep there family safe. Fights for food and other supplies are getting worse and raids on trucks and gas tankers is going on so Troops are transporting trucks with orders to kill looters! The great Obama is on the T.V. calling for calm and order.... but it just is not going to happen.

Day 7-Thursday ------>>>>>>>>>>> You think about what this day and the days after could be like!!!
Prep for life and prep for survival. If your not ready then work on getting there even a week or two will give a head start on so many. Make a plan and work on it and do it NOW!!!!!!
Time is very short and getting shorter.

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  1. Well you got to remember the Rule 48 and or the off switches being tripped for Wall street. But overall I think you are correct. I do think 1931 and not 1929 but I think this collapse will be global as well and a bit nastier than the Depression.
    I always wondered why folks didn't see the Hitler's, Mousilini's, Weimar, deflation and the host of other ills that always come with Fiat and Gov. interventions. Well I'm learning first hand now...... LOL