The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

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Monday, August 22, 2011

People Are Not Prepared

People are not prepared we all know that but today in my class at school I saw just how many people just don't think ahead. So first day of class the head count was 25 people and out of the 25 people in this class only 2 had there book with them. Me and one other person and that person was older like me. Most of the people in this class are 19-25 years old and here I am 42 and going back to school. I would say that 25-40% of the kids there only had their keys and a cell phone, no book, no note book, no paper and not a pen or pencil. So why go to school if your not ready to do work or take notes? We covered the first two chapters in the book today and 95% of the people didn't have the book.
I just don't get it, why not be ready? And I mean ready for what ever you are doing be it work, school, fun stuff or anything you set out to do. I know that as a country we teach our kids to do everything in the last second of life and it work some of the time and some people can skate around with that style of living but I can't function that way. I need a plan and the needed tools to do the job. But most people don't think like that and don't care. I for one have a plan to take this class and pass, so I have the needed tools to do the job like my book and other needed items. I'm sure out of the 25 people in this class I would bet I am the only prepper. The walking dead just don't get it and I know they never will.


  1. It's truly mind boggling. Drudge Report had a big warning of drug shortages here in the USA. As hevily medicated as we are this is a "Big F***ing deal" to paraphrase Joe Biden.
    I know some folks are getting it. But it's truly amazing haw many folks not only don't plan for the unexpected but things that occur every year. Hurricanes, flooding, tornados, Snow and higher energy costs in winter or cooling costs in summer.

  2. What you are experiencing in the class room, is a microcosm of out society, today.

    People are not prepared, for anything. The public school system teaches kids that they do not have to learn, or even excel to "pass". All they have to do is show up once in a while, and all is well. The lame stream media has dumbed down our population so badly, that the majority of them think that all they need to get by, is entitlements from the FedGov.

    There is NO incentive to learn, prepare, get ahead, improve oneself. Our families are fragmented, and the FedGov believes that they are the owners of our children.

    We are on the highway to hell, and only the ones that are awake, are prepared, and trust and rely upon God, have a chance of making it.

    'nuff said.


  3. I think the same thing when I watch freecycle and Craigslist and see people begging for school supplies the day school starts. Or waiting til we have a huge snow and then asking for snow boots and winter coats. I know times are tough, but Wow! Talk about being unprepared and waiting til the last minute to do something about it.