The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Can Or Will You Trust?

After TSHTF who can you trust? Or who will you trust? I know you may think you know everything about Tom down the street. He is a great guy, and will help anybody that needs help any time they need help. But do you really know him? If he is not a prepper and has no food for his kids how will he act toward you and your family. Will you share your food, or will you turn him away? And if you turn him away and he knows you have food how do you think he will act? How would you act if you knew someone had food and would not share it with you?
Just remember that the nicest person you know will turn on you in a heartbeat to feed there family. Your best friend will crawl over your dead body to get to your food stores. I have friends that I can trust with my life, but would never trust them with the information about my food stores. Tell very few about you food, water, medical supplies and you guns and ammo. Some things are better left unknown to even your best friend. I do have two friends that I share my info with, but only because I know they prep and I have seen there storage. I care for them and would do anything for them. But I have made it very clear that my preps are mine and I will fight to keep them. If one of the two of them lost there food I would help them because I know they have done as much as they can to store away food. But I would never put my family at risk and would never cut myself short.
When you make your plans to survive make sure you figure in that 10-20% of extra food for the just in case need.
When TSHTF trust will almost never be seen. So make sure you put your trust into the right people, because your life and the lives of your family will depend on it.

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  1. Great question. Only my family and one other prepper friend have any inkling of what we have in regards to preps.

    There is an old Twilight Zone you can see on YouTube called The Bunker, I believe, that explores this issue.

    If people think they and their families are going to die, they'll do ANYTHING to fix that.