The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Prepare for Martial Law

If you have the suspicion that martial law is imminent, you would be wise to take certain steps to prepare for it. Since martial law severely limits your civil liberties, there are a lot of things you probably won't be able to do once it comes into effect. This involves preparing both physically and mentally, and making sure your family has all the necessary items to survive during the crisis.

Step 1
Assemble a survival kit well ahead of time. , It is possible that certain items will be pulled off shelves or become severely limited. This includes food that is imported or transported from other areas, certain drugs and medications and even tools that may be considered dangerous, such as guns, ammo, knives, shovels and sheers. Stocking up on these items will help you prepare for martial law. But you need to know how to use your tools of survival.
Step 2
Stockpile gas if you can. Whether you drive, have a secondary light source or simply want to be prepared, gas is usually rationed during martial law. Prepare by buying several containers as soon as you hear martial law is imminent. And use fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel for extended periods of time.
Step 3
Prepare an evacuation plan. And have more than one way out two or three is a must. This should include the best routes for escaping from your home in case of an attack, safe places to go to in your immediate area and another place within a 2-hour driving distance, preferably in a rural area. During martial law, you probably won't be allowed to drive at night, so anything that takes more than 4 or 8 hours of driving (depending on the season and how many hours of daylight you have) is out of the question. Rural areas tend to be safer than cities during times of extreme tension. But remember you can’t just jump into your car/truck and make a run to the woods, you must have a retreat or place to go like a cabin or vacation home. You should have stocked your retreat before any trouble and bring your extra supplies with you.
Step 4
Think of martial law as any other emergency situation. As you prepare for it, make sure you get all your valuable documents in one place (preferably a safe fireproof box), along with maps and directions to your "safe" place. But remember if you have a full blown collapse of this country the martial law will not be like an emergency the troops and law enforcement will rule with a iron hand. TRUST NO ONE!!!!!
Step 5
Keep cash on hand. During martial law, you may be limited to the money you have on hand or money may not be any good at all so trade or barter items will be needed and a little silver may be a good idea to. If you have money in your checking account, prepare by taking a good amount out of the ATM and keeping it safe at home or in a safe place in you car or truck.

Things You'll Need:

Silver bars or rounds
Gun and ammo
Flashlight and batteries
Survival kit with medications, food, maps and tools
Evacuation plan
Will to survive


  1. Your post gets an A+ as per usual. You might have folks consider a new business to start also. I read a blog this morning, SIX BEARS, that advocated getting ready for a salvage economy. Made sense to me!


  2. I am finding your blog to be a daily must read. I am definitely listening to you and what you have to say. Two years ago I would have said your nuts. Not now.
    I have suspected Obama of using the infrastructure of our govt to actually subvert it and take it over as a coup from above, for some time now. He will use the cover of being the official govt but will actually be trying to destroy it. I pray to God we can have his plots revealed in time before we are enslaved.

  3. This is why I feel pity for Americans. Sadly also Mexico is having a political crisis, but it is against ourselves. Goodluck with your future

  4. My friends don't believe me when i tell them how the government is corrupt & how we need to be ready for 2012 because they aren't on our side, they want to get rid of us. Do not lose hope when things change. They are part of the nwo. The "illuminati" as they call them but they have changed their name so often. & at the heart of it all they are a religion, lucifer's puppets who believe in the old religion & pagan gods. God will save us from the devil's world when he comes back. Follow him till the end. I just wish warnings weren't so hard to make believable. Good look to you all in the future.