The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Ready For The Collapse

We used this weekend to rest a little and get as much prepping done as we could. We bagged more rice and beans with the food saver. Today I will bag some grits and quick oats with the food saver. I love the food saver and use it all the time. I am on my forth one. I buy my bags at Sam's or Wal-Mart and at times I get them from E-Bay, but sometimes the bags from E-Bay are not so good so if you do buy from there remember who you get them from and if you like them then buy from them only. Don't skip around because I did and got a group of junk bags.

This next week I will be working on any holes I have in my preps and trying to fill them. I will be placing an order to get more freeze dried meats this next week. I think for the next few weeks I will be working on my food preps only. The collapse is coming and I plan on being ready. I don't think we have much time before the collapse so if you are not ready I tell you to get your butt in gear and start working on a food storage plan.

Stand ready to fight to keep what is yours and stand strong before the collapse hits. The days after the collapse will be hell on earth, but if you have a plan and supplies and you can defend your supplies you will have a much better chance of survival.


  1. Pete,
    As far as freeze dried meat. Check out the freeze dry guy.
    If he still has stock he had a hell of a deal on pork chops good for storage through 2027 (should last longer than even us hard core preppers I'm afraid).
    I bought 4 cases to round out all our mountain house meats.
    Freeze dried meats are not cheap but neither are the lives of those depending on you!
    Prep on my friend...

  2. I have a few cans of the pork chops and quite a few of the beef and chicken that is from Mt. House. And you are 100% right the lives of your family are worth it.