The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 10 Things You Must Do To Survive The Coming Economic Collapse And The Chaos That Follows

This is from BigJohn's web site
Great info from a true Patriot. He has a radio show M-F 8-10pm EST/5-7pm PST at You should check him out you will get hooked.

1. You don’t want these things to happen. That’s okay but it does not mean they won’t. Bad things happen all the time. So, stop ignoring the obvious warning signs and prepare for the worst and hope and work for the best.

2. Understand that you already believe in “conspiracies” like the JFK assassination, manipulation of oil/gas prices, banking bailouts, the Madoff Scam, news spins and slants, maybe even 9-11 as an inside job. So, get your head out of your ass!

3. Understand that every nation that has collapsed, did so after printing money like mad men. So, prepare for it to get worse.

4. In 1929, 80% of Americans were in farming- grew their own food, making it less difficult for the majority. Today, 2% of Americans grow a vegetable garden! Can you imagine the pain? So buy heirloom seeds- and start gardening this Spring.

5. It is true- these terrible things might not happen, but you have home and auto insurance because bad things sometimes happen. So, buy food insurance- dehydrated food and canned meat-

6. Investment gurus of the elite have recommended they buy rural property, seeds, dehydrated food, a gun and be prepared for a decade of chaos. Patriots are doing the same. So, unless you like government soup, you better act fast.

7. In chaotic times you must be able to defend yourself and your property. So, buy a gun and ammunition immediately.

8. When anarchy strikes, governments always panic and try to maintain control by using the military against the citizens. So, don’t trust government to be just or you might find yourself inside an internment camp.

9. Troubled times will not fade quickly. The most dangerous place will be a city. The less people, the less potential for harm. So, be packed and have an escape plan for getting out of the city in less than 30 minutes.

10. When nations crumble and chaos takes root, loved ones inevitably get separated. So, have a place to meet when communication is difficult.


  1. #10 is one I've been giving a lot of thought to lately. 90% of my family is very close...some in walking/biking distance, some of them I can look out the front door across the fields and see their neighborhood. If things get bad and hits our area, we'll all be involved, so we definitely need to figure out a spot to regroup.

  2. This is an all too true list, it tellsit how it is and that is what more people need to hear.

  3. Don't sugar coat stuff, it's coming. Don't you doubt it. Numbers don't lie, and a little elementary math tells us that the S is gonna HTF, but soon. The Ponzi scheme is collapsing, and every pathetic measure put out since TARP is just a bandaid on a bullet wound. Might slow the bleeding a bit, but don't address the real problem. The Great Depression was "fixed" only by the massive output for a World War. The "good times" that followed were all smoke and mirrors, built on the lie of funny money, and now that lie is about to bust wide open. 70 years of exponential "growth" is about to catch up with it's self, because exponential "growth" is impossible in a finite world. Lots of people are in for a really rude awakening....

  4. "So, be packed and have an escape plan for getting out of the city in less than 30 minutes."


  5. Just a note to Kansas Scout,
    When the truth drops like a hammer and all the sleeping sheeple see the store shelves are empty...yeah about 30 minutes.
    You'll only wish you weren't in Kansas anymore Toto!
    Don't let your family be part of that "Overkill"....