The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We The Sheeple Of This........

This country is full of sheeple, I call them the walking dead. And if you talk to them about the coming collapse they just look at you with a look you would give a crazy person or the look you give that one crazy ass family member that shows up at your party and talks about the craziest stuff. I get the look all the time because I see trouble down the road and have it in my heart to share the info and try to help as many people as I can to survive. Do I waste my time? Yes, No hell I don't know. I try because I feel I need to and I share because it's the right thing to do. We are all in this big world together and if I can help someone get off on the right foot into survival then that's what I would like to do. But the sad thing is most people and I would say it's like 90-95% of the people don't want to hear about the coming collapse or any evil or doom down the road of life. They just want to live there life and play and go on trips to the sun and fun and never have to think of the day when you have no gas for the car or no power to run the 46" TV or no food to eat. Most people want to just keep things as they are and never have to change a thing. Well I have bad news for them, life is and always is changing and is headed for a big change very soon. You will find your self very soon in a place where you will have to grow and hunt or fish for your on food. You will have to make and fix the things you need to work with each day to make a way of life for you and your family. And in this new world we are going into your wife and kids don't get to sit on the side lines they have to be in the game to. No more video games from sun up to sun down from now own your kids will help with fire wood and getting water and working in the garden. And the little lady who was such a wonderful social butterfly and would spend her day shopping and talking on the phone with friends will now need to not worry about her nails or her hair and help you run a household.( And please don't think I see all women this way, I talking about the sheeple) In the new world we are about to go into every one of us will work very hard every day of our lives just to survive and so many are not ready for this and a few of us know what lies ahead and tries to share this information with others to save lives.

My friend Michael over at Staying Alive , He has a great blog and as me puts out the info on needing to be ready for the collapse and in his blog today he talked of running into the same wall I run into most every time I talk of the coming collapse. He plans to plant extra food for some of the walking dead that can't or will not see the writing on the wall and prep for themselves. He can see that so many will be with out and need to eat, why can't the people see the doom that is coming our way? I pray for Michael as I pray for all of us preppers because the day will come that our skills and readiness will be needed greatly.

Our time is short and the days are few before the collapse so now is the time to get ready. It's do or die time for most, because with few days left before the collapse it only gives you unprepared a short time to get your house in order. And the few who have stocked up on needed items we all need to add to our stock in the last days we have. Check your preps and fill the holes you may have, the last time I checked I saw I have many items to use to cook with but no way to get real eggs on a regular basis. So I got some #10 cans of powered egg to use till I can fix my problem, it's not the best fix but will hold till I fix it.

Our time is short so get ready!!! Help save a life, maybe even your own!!!

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  1. Good post Pete.
    We are fighting a pshcolagical brick wall called "Denial" in the attempt to wake up the walking dead.
    They simply do not want to accept anything but a blissful future!
    All I can say from one "crazy" person to another is.."keep on prepin' Brother...