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The End Is Near
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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Food Saver Jar Sealer

Andrea over at Chick-Bit Run asked about more info on the food saver jar sealer so I found some on line and added some of my own info.

The Food Saver Regular Jar Sealer fits on your own Ball and Kerr Mason jars and works with Food Saver vacuum sealer systems to keep goods fresh longer. Great for liquids, fragile foods and dry goods like brown sugar, spices, dried fruit and coconut. Food Saver Regular Jar Sealers replace standard Mason-type jar lids to create a vacuum seal that locks out air, the enemy of freshness. Not to be used for canning.

For Use with Mason-Type Jars
Keep Fragile Foods and Dry Goods Fresh Longer

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer offers consumers two different sizes of jar sealer attachments to tightly seal both standard and wide-mouthed jars. While you can seal your own jars at home using this attachment, the food Saver company only guarantees that it will work on Kerr and Ball brand jars. Other brands of jars may not fit in the attachment correctly, which causes an improper seal and could lead to food spoilage.

How to use the Food Saver Jar
Step 1 Fill the Mason jar with food, leaving at least one inch of empty space between the food and the top of the jar.

Step 2 Place the lid on top of the jar. The screw band is not needed for vacuum sealing.

Step 3 Plug the Food Saver vacuum sealer into a standard electrical outlet.

Step 4 Insert the end of the jar sealer attachment cord into the hose port on the top of your FoodSaver.

Step 5 Push the jar sealer attachment down firmly over the top of the Mason jar until the entire rim of the jar is covered.

Step 6 Close the lid of the FoodSaver and lock it in place by pressing the locks located on both sides of the device.

Step 7 Hold down the "On" button. The FoodSaver will begin sealing the jar, and the sealing light will turn on.

Step 8 Release the "On" button when the sealing light goes out and the machine is quiet.

Step 9 Pull the jar sealer attachment off of the jar. The lid should be tightly sealed to the jar.


  1. Did you know that with the large canister you can seal everyday jars as well? Like those pasta jars, picante jars, etc... Place the filled jar (with lid on of course) into the canister and let the foodsaver do its thing. It will work on most any jar that has one of those poptop buttons on top or a rubber seal. I LOVE MY FOODSAVER :D

  2. Thanks for the info Pete...looks like I need to buy the accessories that go with the food saver!

  3. Food saver jar sealer is one of the great option and way for food preservation according to me. We can seal a food products, liquids, fragile foods and dry goods with using Food saver jar sealer and keep it fresh. I really like this way for food preservation.

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