The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic Life

After the collapse how will the day to day of our lives go? I know every day will be a fight to stay alive and to feed yourself and your loved ones. I would like to think that after the first part of the collapse this part I will call the, "OMGWTFJH" this would be, ole my God what the f**k just happened!!! I think this part of the collapse will be from the start of the collapse till a good part of the people die off or are killed. Within days of the collapse you will see the worst in people, I say this because the survivors left after the collapse will fight, kill, steal and do what ever they have to so they can feed themselves or there children. The worst in people will come to the surface and show it's ugly face very soon after the collapse. But after the first part of the collapse goes down and things have settled back down a little bit and life gets back to some kind of normal. What will that normal life be like? How will the day to day be in life after the collapse. We will have to grow our own food and hunt for our own meat. I see small groups of people working as a village or a town to farm and hunt or fish. Remember it's easier to defend a area with a small group or team of people. Don't get me wrong a husband and wife who both can shoot well can hold off a small group of people trying to get there food or supplies, but for how long? Because it's only the two of them and they have to be awake and ready at all times the group of raiders can take shifts and beat down the husband and wife. I know one can stay watch and the other sleep but for how long? I don't see the lone wolf working to well after the collapse, I may be wrong and alone and on the go all the time may be the way of life after the collapse. I think that after the collapse we will do much better in small groups of people that all work as one to grow, hunt, fish, and search for needed items to survive. After the collapse there will be lots of good items out there that need to be found and used to survive and as just a single family, even if you have a big family you will still need a small group of people to help you survive. When the SHTF so many people will just stop for a second and then make a run for it, they may grab a few items or not but I know that a lot of good items will be left behind in homes, where they work and other places, so after the collapse we will have to search for needed items and do all the other things we need to to survive and I think having a small group of people to share the different rolls that are needed to survive. The rolls that will be needed are hunter, fisherman, guard, recon team for finding needed items and many other rolls of a group. The small groups will be like small cities and have laws and rules to follow, my only fear is with power comes corruption and I could see some bad things going down after the collapse with a person getting some power and going crazy. I think of things like this and wonder how life will be? I know I have done the best to prepare and stock up for survival after the collapse, but what will life bring after the collapse? I am a survivalist and I know to think every thing will be great just because I'm ready is foolish, but I do think that because I am prepared I will have it a little easer that most. All we can do is prep and study the skills we will need to survive. Get out and use the skills to survive so you are ready. And keep your eye's open because the collapse is near and our time is short.

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  1. I'm ashamed to admit it, but my first thought regarding OMGWTFJH was "I'm so glad I won't have to use make up, wear high heel shoes or curl my hair again!" If it redeems me at all, my second thought was board up the windows.