The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Post From The Survival Mom (

5 Dollar Preps – You Can Afford to Prepare

“I can’t afford to” is definitely the number one excuse people use for not prepping. They believe this because they read about someone who has a $20,000 dollar gun collection and a basement filled with a 10 year supply of freeze dried food. That is just as unrealistic as saying that you want to buy your first house, so you attempt to get a multi-million dollar mansion. It’s just not going to happen.

By following the Survival Food Pyramid and spending just a few dollars a week on preps you will be surprised how quickly your stockpile will grow. Here is an entire list of food and gear you can get for just $5:
Five gallons of purified water
4 pounds of Sugar
5 pounds of Flour
1.5 quarts of cooking oil
Two cases of bottled water
4 cans of fruit
5 pounds of rice
5 Pounds of Spaghetti
4 Cans of Potatoes
4 Cans of Vegetables
4 Cans of Beans
2 bottles of garlic powder or other spices
A case of Ramen noodles
Five packages of instant potatoes
4 Cans of Soup
2 12 ounce cans of chicken or tuna
Two 12.5 ounce cans of Salmon
5 pounds of Oatmeal
5 packages of corn bread mix
3 Pounds of dry beans
2 Jars Peanut Butter
2 boxes of yeast
8-10 pounds of Iodized salt
A can of coffee
10 Boxes of generic brand Mac & Cheese
Non-Food Items
A manual can opener
Two bottles of camp stove fuel
100 rounds of .22lr ammo
25 rounds of 12 ga birdshot or small game loads
20 rounds of Monarch 7.62×39 ammo
a spool of 12lb test monofilament fishing line
2 packages of hooks and some sinkers or corks
3 Bic Lighters or two big boxes of matches
A package of tea candles
50 ft of para cord
A roll of duct tape
A box of nails or other fasteners
A flashlight
2 D-batteries, 4 AA or AAA batteries or 2 9v batteries
A toothbrush and tooth paste
A bag of disposable razors
8 bars of ivory soap (it floats)
A box or tampons or bag of pads for the ladies
2 gallons of bleach
Needles and thread
OTC Medications
2 bottles 1000 count 500 mg generic Tylenol (acetometaphin)
2 bottles 500 count 200 mg generic Advil (ibuprofen)
2 boxes 24 cound 25 mg generic Benadryl (diphenhydramine HCI)–also available at Walgreen’s under “sleep aids.”
4 bottles 500 count 325 mg aspirin
2 boxes of generic Sudafed
4 bottles of alcohol
a box of bandages (4×4)

What Else?
If you get just one of these things each time you go to the grocery you will be well on your way to preparedness. What other $5 Dollar Preps can you think of?

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Post by Lucas: aspiring survivalist/prepper, Eagle Scout, and blogger on his site Survival Cache where he writes survival gear reviews, tips, and ideas.

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