The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Survival Skills # 33 How to Make a Bug-Out Plan

We all need a bug-out plan, this plan will give us multiple routes from our home or place of work and yes you need a bug-out plan from your place of work. With bug-out plans in place and bug-out bags ready to grab and go and your retreat or backup place to bug-out to you will increase you survivability. Your retreat should have back-up supplies and be ready to go when you get there or only take a short time to get up and running.

Bug-Out Plan

#1 Sit down with maps of your area and map out four or five routes from your house and place of work.

#2 Get into your car/truck and drive the routes. Stop from time to time and make notes about your route. Things you may put into your notes would be stores you will go by and places you may want to avoid if things get very bad, but if you are bugging out then it must be bad already.

#3 Next you need to walk your routes and look for short cuts. You must remember that being a survivalist means you plan ahead for as many things as you can. And you may not get to bug-out with your car/truck you may have to walk your route so you need to know the routes that have the shortest walk time and has the good short cuts. You do need to remember that your safety is top priority. Use a camera to take photos of things of importance.

#4 Plan ahead on your routes. Take your top two routes, the ones you think you will take incase of an event of doom and place a cache along the route. You may want you place food, water, ammo or other items in your cache. Having a cache or two may save your life! And remember you can place a cache on each of your routes. You can always go and get them later. Just remember to hide them well and know how to get to them; maps are great and a GPS is to but a EMP will make your GPS a paper weight, so have a back up if you use a GPS to mark your caches.

#5 Keep your mouth shut about your routes. You and your family are the only ones to know your routes. And I would only tell the family the need to know items or info. The less other people know about your routes the better off you are. The best friends you have known for 15 years down the street. The ones who would never hurt anyone and so full of love. Well when there kids are starving and they know you have food and water. They may change into someone you don’t want to see or ever meet. I think that the less we talk about our plans and food stores the better we are.

#6 Keep you car/truck up and running. Do regular maintenance and keep extra parts to have on hand. It would be very bad if a great event of doom hit and your car/truck spark plug wire is cut be a evil doer and because you don’t have one; now you are walking out and not driving out.

#7 Do check-ups on your plan. From time to time roads close and get blocked so you need to keep up on your routes and make needed changes. Plan to survive and survive to live.

Things You Will Need
a. Maps of your area
b. Folder to store your plan
c. Camera to take needed photos of things along your route, make a little flip book of your route
d. Items to use for your caches (5 gallon buckets, food, water and ammo)
e. Note book for all your notes
f. A little time each week to do this

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