The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Survival Skills # 29 How to Build a Fire pit

How to Build a Fire pit

Is there anything more soothing than sitting around a fire on a cool night? Grownups and kids both love the appeal of an open fire. Whether toasting a marshmallow over the flames or just sipping a cup of coffee and watching the dancing flames, a fire pit is guaranteed to make everyone's world a better place. And after a SHTF event a fire pit will be a must. You will be able to cook, boil water, make coffee and as said lust sit back on a cool or cold night and enjoy. Here's how you can build a fire pit in your own yard.

Step 1
Choose a location for your fire pit that isn't close to trees, building or anything that could catch fire from a spark. A level location is best, but the design can accommodate a slight slope as well. Be sure there aren't any underground wires, cable or pipes in your chosen location.
Step 2
Drive a stake into the ground where you want to put the fire pit. Tie a piece of string to the stake and attach a stick or nail 1 1/2 or 2 feet away from the stake.
Step 3
Scribe a circle all around the stake and mark the line with spray paint.
Step 4
Remove the sod inside the circle and dig out the hole to a depth of about 1 foot (keep the sides as straight as possible). Then, in the center of your fire pit excavation, dig a hole about 6 or 8 inches square and 12 inches deep
Step 5
Scrape out the bottom of your hole and pour in about 4 inches of pea gravel (fill the hole in the center with the gravel as well). If your fire pit is on a slope you can level the bottom out by adding more pea gravel to one side. The pea gravel will help the fire pit drain and the hole in the center will act as a sump and improve the drainage
Step 6
Add about 3 inches of sand on top of the pea gravel - the sand will help prevent any fire from spreading to roots under your pit.
Step 7
Surround the fire pit with at least two rows of concrete pavers stacked on top of each other. Dry stack the pavers to make it easy to replace any that might break. Don't use adhesive to hold the pavers together, as it will melt and give off fumes that could be toxic.
Step 8
Find a metal grate that will fit over the total open hole of the fire pit. You can use this to cook on.
Step 9
Now just wait for evening, build the first fire in your own fire pit, and then sit back and enjoy.

Things you’ll need:
Stackable interlocking paving stones (12' x 12'), but fire proof brick is the best.
Stake with 2-foot string and a nail
Building sand
Pea or small aggregate gravel
Edger/square tip shovel

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