The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

People Don't Care! And Time is Short!!!!

Last night at work I tried again to talk to some of the sheeple I work with, and let me tell you these are great people. But they don't want to hear about the dollar going down or the NWO coming to take you to the FEMA camps when you don't take the flu shot. I asked one person what would you do if the dollar went pop and was worth zero, that means you can't buy food or gas. What would you do? And she looked at me and said, "Obama will take care of us". Blood shoot of of my eye's. I then asked her how has Obama done so far as our leader? And she said,"GREAT!!!" (with big eye's). I don't know what to say any more and after last night I will not share any more info to anyone unless they come to me and ask me first. I can't deal with the dead head sheeple any more, they want to talk about going on that big family trip in June of next year. I see it all now the sheeple can't look at the truth because the truth is so bad and they just can't handle it. Why would they want to admit to a collapse of the dollar and the end of this country when this will change there family trip plans?
My friends the time is as short as it can be. Get your last needed items and stand watch. Because the NWO is coming and the 98% of the people of this country don't even want to think about it much less get ready for it.
Keep you eye's open and your hear to the ground. Time is short!!!!


  1. I have run into the same type of folks. Not much you can do about it unless you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. You just do what you cna and DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT KIND OF PREPS YOU HAVE! They will come to your house at the first sign of trouble if you let the cat out of the bag. Ain't no sense in trying to be the welfare department. Just keep your head up and go on about your business. What the hell, you are gonna leave there anyhow.


  2. What I've discovered is that they'll take you much more seriously if you talk in terms of local/natural/unforseen disasters vs. the dollar/politics/societal collapse. In Sept. 08 we had the remnants of Hurricane Ike roll through the middle of Ohio, of all places and we were out of power for a week. 2 months ago, our well was struck by lightning and we were without running water for nearly 2 weeks. Thank heaven for stored water, food and oil lamps. Things happen and it's always good to have a little extra on hand.

    Maybe it's not the information, but the way you're conveying it that turns people sheepish? And I don't mean that to be my former sheepish days, I wouldn't have listened to anyone tell me about the collapse of the dollar or martial law...I was too busy planning my summer and buying pricey shoes. But I did listen when my grandma-in-law told me how you can preserve anything with salt, sugar or vinegar. There has been a 'good times' mindset going on since, what, 1950, give or take? All prosperity and happy days and 2 cars parked in front of your house in the suburbs. It's hard to wrap one's mind around life being any different, you know?

  3. My son, DIL, and 7 month old grandson just finished a week's vacation with us. They complained all week about how we turned off lights, took really short showers, only ran the dishwasher and washer with full loads, never ate out, cooked from scratch, kept the AC at 80 during the day. Oh, what hardship!

    Tried to talk to them about how we live on $1200 per month and spend $1000 to support a son who is unable to provide for himself. They did not care and don't help out either. Buy on sale - what's that? Don't throw things out - reuse & recycle - huh? Plan for the future by saving, conserving - are you kidding me? What do you mean it's not always going be rosy? We have good jobs - over $100,000 a year - why should we care? And they have a big mortgage, 2 car payments, 2 cell and 1 landline phone - 2 paychecks away from disaster.

    It's the common, as far as I can see, mindset of the majority of people. Obama will see to it that we'll be OK - didn't he promise that? I live in Florida and for the first time in decades our population is decreasing statewide. There is an unemployment rate of about 11% here, one in every 5 houses (I think that's the stat) is in foreclosure, crime is up, stores are stocking less, businesses are failing right and left. We can't be the only ones in the US with this problem - RI, NV and MI are right up there.

    We hope that living by example will help - don't talk about it - but will mention when we find a good buy on food, or a great resale shop, etc. Maybe, just maybe, one other family will benefit,probably not ours We are open to advising anyone who wants help - advise only.