The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Giveaway With A Great Book!!!!!!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!
I found a 2nd Back to Basic's Book and I am giving it up as a gift!

This how-to, user-friendly guide teaches self-sufficiency-covering all of life's essentials: shelter; alternative energy sources; growing and preserving food; home crafts; directions for making herbal remedies; and even home-grown entertainment.

This book is used, I got it from a used book store.

Hardcover: 456 pages

Publisher: Reader's Digest Association (1981)

Language: English

This is the contest:
Post a comment for this post with your Best Back To Basic Tip or Tips for a total of two tips, one tip gets your name in the hat once and two tips gets your name in twice, but If you Blog at you blog about this giveaway and post that link with your tip or tips you can double your names in the hat from 1to2 or 2to 4 times in the hat. After a few days I will take all the names in the hat and shake them up and my sweet little wife will draw a name and that person will get the Book, then she will pull a second name and that person will win something too. Maybe a book or some other gift. So put your thinking cap on and come up with some good tips and then blog about them and this giveaway and win get a shot at winning a great book. And thanks for reading my Blog.


  1. Wow, awesome giveaway. alas, I am brand spanking new to this back to basics/preparedness thing so I have no tips. I'm looking for all the tips I can come across! lol my dh has prior military experience so he knows a little, but I'm a rank newbie. This book would sure help a bunch I'm sure.

  2. Pete you always have the greatest give-away's and this one is no exception! I've been wanting a copy of this book for awhile so hmmm.... Let's see...
    If you don't have bee's in your garden to pollinate your tomato's here is a great "tip". Take a q-tip(hehe) or a small soft makeup brush and touch the pistons(the middle of the flower) from one bloom to the next. This will make sure your flowers are pollinated and will set fruit.
    Have a Super Day!

  3. LOL Just an observation... My word verification was "ensurett" LOL As in ensure it blooms! :)

  4. 2 tips for this great giveaway:

    -Epsom salts are great in the garden. Sprinkle them around your tomatoes and you won't have problems with blossom-end rot.

    -To get higher carrot seed germination rates, sprinkle them on the surface of the soil and cover them with burlap. Water them through the fabric daily and after 7-10 days, when you see green 'threads' remove the burlap.

  5. I use pepper flake tea on lots of things. (red pepper flakes like you use on pizza made into a tea)It keeps the pigeons from roosting under my eves, keeps the cats out of the flower beds.

    Cayenne pepper sprinkled right on the ground will keep dogs from digging, too. I can imagine it would work for other animals if it works on those.

    Also, grandad used to put banana peels in the holes where he was planting tomatoes. I'm sure it's because of the potassium in them, like the epsom salts. Come to think of it he used to put nails in the ground near plants, too. The old kind; the kind that would rust.

    Thx for the giveaway. :) I hope I win! We're moving to our new rural land and I'm in library building mode. :)

    I'm off to post your giveaway on my blog now. :)

    Be blessed!

  6. I always love a good book! My husband and I are doing our best to get back to the basics.

    Tip 1- Simplify your life. You can do this by reducing distractions (TV, cell phones, texting, watching mind deteriorating TV, excessive activities, like sports, etc.) which will free up time to fill your mind and life with good, purposeful activities.

    Tip 2- Learn a skill or craft. Learn to cook with simple foods, sew, crochet, can food, weld, or do your own oil changes. The more you can do yourself and not rely on others or the store, the more freedom you have. It is not easy. Buying a sack of potatoes is easier than growing your own when you discover that you have an insect infestation or disease like blight. But you are doing for yourself and learning as you go. Plus, you can barter goods and services!

  7. Great blog!

    My tips:
    Diatomaceous earth is a great chemical-free pesticide. I sprinkle it on ant mounds and powder my chickens with it as prevention against lice and mites.

    I sprinkle crushed egg shells in the garden to give it a little calcium boost.

  8. I remember this book at a friends house years ago and wished I had it then. Now I could really use it since we live off the grid and really back to the basics of living life.
    peace n abundance,

  9. I almost forgot to tell you I linked to you on my blog last week for this!
    I forget how many points that is now. LOL

  10. Here's a couple of tips for growing tomatoes:

    1) Tomatoes are repelled by all members of the cabbage family, so don't plant them next to each other. Tomatoes also dislike potatoes.

    2) Unlike most vegetables, tomatoes prefer to be planted in the same place every year. The only time you should move tomatoes to another area is if you have a disease problem.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  11. Pete, I shared my 2 tips earlier, and now I have your giveaway on my blog! Check it out.

  12. Thanksfor the opportunity to win this book! I have been looking for one for a long time.

    Tip #1: Soak heavily soiled clothing for one hour in a plastic container of hot water and 2T of trisodium phosphate (TSP 0 such as used to clean before painting, etc.), then wash as usual. This is a caustic solution and should not be used in the washing machine or in any metal container.

    Tip #2: Are you losing the fight with pincher bugs? Place a small, shallow container of vegetable oil in the troubled area, half-submerged in the soil. In a very short time, you will have attracted and killed a multitude of bugs!

  13. I posted at my website as well...