The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dollar Is Dying!

We all knew the dollar was dying and after the jump in metals(Gold/Silver) today we can see just a little better. Silver was at $40.55, up +$1.28 and Gold was at $1605.10, up $11.00. Big jumps for both and I'm sure the price of both will go down a little because I'm sure the master minds behind the Fed and Wall Street will mess will the numbers some to pull the price down. I have always thought the the master minds behind the power of money have messed with the market to push up the numbers and make the stock market look better than it is and when we have the big drops I think it's the market setting it's self right. I know that the economy is in very bad shape and getting worse with each passing day. But if you look at Wall Street or the news all you see is how things are getting better and how the market is up. But if you dig into the info of the economy you will find that unemployment is higher than they are saying and in some states it's damn near 20% - 25% but you never see that in the news. Look at Detroit's unemployment numbers officially, Detroit's unemployment rate is just under 30%. But the city's mayor and local leaders are suggesting a far more disturbing figure that the actual jobless rate, they say, is closer to 50%. As many have noted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which culls federal unemployment data, does not account for all of the jobless in its widely-quoted national unemployment figures. Among those omitted: part-time workers who are looking for full-time jobs and frustrated job seekers who abandon their job search altogether.
So, the economy is, without a doubt, in the tank.  Now, there is talk of cutting the size of the debt reduction deal to around $2.5 trillion or even lower over the next ten years, down from the optimistic $4 trillion.  That’s just $250 billion a year in reductions.  With $1.5 trillion in annual budget deficits, that still leaves way more than $1 trillion in red each and every year, so how is this going to help us? It's not going to help because we are on a sinking ship and only a few on board even care, most of the people are watching American Idol, Big Brother or some other BS show on the Boob Tube or the Dumb, Dumb Box. The sheep of this country do as they are told and believe everything that is on the News and because of this they will follow the evil empire right into the FEMA Camps. Ayn Rand once famously said, “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” The consequences of reality are America is already Dead, and so is the dollar.  Even if a debt deal is reached in time to avoid the August 2nd deadline for debt default, the dollar and this country is dead and I don't think any one can save it.
The only thing we can do is dig in and prep!!! Stock up on all the needed items to survive the coming collapse. Our time is short my friends and the light over the hill in not the daylight! Wake Up and make a stand for life and make a stand for your survival!

Here is the Gold chart for the last ten years! I think it's gone up a little.


  1. We really can't rely on anything the gov't tells us, from unemployment statistics, to inflation. The govt doesn't want to reduce the debt. They are manufacturing this crisis to bring America to its knees. A fundamental transformation will take place because we will end up like European nations such as Greece. Yes, we need to stock up and prepare. Learn a new skill, get reacquainted with your guns, practice sewing again (I need to do this), cook some simple meals so it's not a shock to your system. Take inventory of your lifestyle and hunker down.

  2. On life support for sure! When Ben pulls the plug all hell is gonna break loose!