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The End Is Near
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Off The Shelf Food Storage Per Week For One Year

Here is my per week list for off the shelf shopping there are only a few weeks you would have to shop on line, this is with the canned chees and butter and with the wheat. But some of you may have one or both in your area and not have to go on line for them. At the end of this year long list you should have a real good amount of food but I don't think it would be a full year of food for a person but would be real close.
The cost of each week will be up and down if you can't afford to do as much then cut back and if you can afford more then buy more, because the more you have the better off you will be. I would shop around and look for the best price on each item and only buy that item at a good price. I know that at a few stores near me they have bulk foods and from time to time they go on sale so that is a great time to stock up. Most weeks are $25-$50 but a few weeks are more and a few are a lot more. And most items have a real good shelf life but some are not so good so remember that as you buy. I made this list for a few friends that don't want to do the on line thing and just want to shop off the shelf at there store near them. With that in mind here is my list.

Per-Week Food Storage For a Year

Week #1 20 lbs of White Rice

Week #2 20 lbs of Pinto Beans

Week #3 20 lbs of Cornmeal

Week #4 20 lbs of Grits

Week #5 25 lbs of Salt

Week #6 20 lbs of Red Beans

Week #7 20 lbs of Hard Red or White Wheat

Week #8 20 lbs of Dry Milk

Week #9 5 lbs of Yeast

Week #10 24 Boxes of Mac and Cheese

Week #11 24 Cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli

Week #12 12 Cans of Dak Canned Ham 16oz. (No Refrigeration)

Week #13 24 Cans of Spam 12oz.

Week #14 24 Cans of Beef Stew (Big Can)

Week #15 24 Cans of Chili with or without beans

Week #16 24 Cans of Vienna Sausage 5oz.

Week #17 20 lbs of White Rice

Week #18 20 lbs of Pinto Beans

Week #19 8 Boxes of Quaker Quick Oats 42oz.

Week #20 10 Bags or Boxes of Pancake Mix (Like Bis-Quick)

Week #21 12 Boxes of Instant Potatoes 32oz.

Week #22 48 Cans of Tuna 5oz.

Week #23 24 Boxes of Spaghetti Noodles (Thin stuff cooks faster)

Week #24 36 Cans of Spaghetti Sauce (Big Cans)

Week #25 24 Cans of Tomato Paste

Week #26 24 Cans of Evaporated Milk

Week #27 5 Gallons of Olive Oil

Week #28 10 Gallons of Veg oil

Week #29 2 3 lbs cans of Crisco Shortening ( very short shelf life)

Week #30 6 Cans of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder

Week #31 15 lbs of Salt and 10 lbs of Dry Milk

Week #32 12 lbs of Brown Sugar

Week #33 20 lbs of Sugar

Week #34 6 Bottles of Maple Syrup and 6 Bottles of Lite Corn Syrup

Week #35 12 Bottles of Pure Honey and 6 lbs of Confectioners Sugar

Week #36 10 Jars of Peanut Butter (Big Jars)

Week #37 20 lbs of White Rice

Week #38 20 lbs of Red Beans

Week #39 20 lbs of Hard Red or White Wheat

Week #40 24 Jars of Beef and Chicken Bouillon Cubes or Powder

Week #41 12 Boxes of Corn Starch and 24 Boxes of Baking Soda

Week #42 24 Pkgs. Of Yeast 1/2oz. and 10 lbs of salt (store yeast in freezer)

Week #43 12 Cans of Black Pepper and 6 Jars of Crushed Red Peppers

Week #44 6 Bottles of Vanilla Extract(2oz.) and 24 Bottles of Vinegar in glass jars

Week #45 6 jars of Meat Tenderizer, 12 Jars of Onion Powder and 6 jars of Garlic powder

Week #46 20 lbs of White Rice and 20 lbs of Pinto Beans

Week #47 10 lbs of Dry Milk and 6 Boxes of Tea Bags

Week #48 24 Cans of chili and 24 Cans of canned Meat (your choice)

Week #49 6 #10 Cans of Butter Powder and 12 Cans of Whole Dry Eggs in #10 cans

Week #50 40 lbs of Hard Red or White Wheat

Week #51 24 Jars of Jelly (Mix it up)

Week #52 24 Cans of Canned Cheese and 24 Cans of Canned Butter( Go on line this week is going to cost so be ready for it)
Lots of this food can be bought at Sam's or Cosco and other bulk food stores or at Wal-Mart
And look into your local LDS Cannery I'm not a member of the LDS Church but got to go to the cannery with a friend that is a member and she said you don't have to go the a LDS church to go the the cannery and they have the pre-canned items that are still at a great price so look into it.
Now go and get to prepping!!!!! And prep like crazy!!!!!!


  1. thx! I'm printing this off and sharing it with family. This is very doable!

  2. Awesome. Printing too. See a few things I forgot. Thanks.

  3. A great list, but do they know how yo utilize the basic ingredients that you have included? Without recipes or the knowledge of how to cook and bake from scratch, they will sit and stare at those items while they slowly starve.