The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defending Your Survival Retreat, Just My Slant On The Idea

Just having a survival retreat is not enough, you have to defend that retreat and keep the stuff you have. A strong defensive plan is a must if a disaster or the collapse of this country leave many without help. Many people don't even have food and water for more than a day or two. The survival instinct kicks in and thousands even millions of survivors will be out on a mission to survive at any cost. Everything is fair game and you better believe the hoards will be looking for you, the prepared survivalist because they know that the survivalist will have the needed supplies. This is where you hear lots of people talk about never telling people about what you have and what you store. The reason is that if these people know where you live and they know you have food and water you will see them after a disaster because you have so much and because you have so much and they have zero preps you have to give them some of your preps. Just having preps makes you a target and makes you open to attacks. When you pick your retreat do it for many reasons.
1st- Location, your retreat needs to be away from cities and towns( off the main road and far away from anyone in a rural area)
2nd- Set up a compound with a area for living and for growing food and set a perimeter safety zone and keep watch for looters and zombies (because the fools out looking for food and other stuff will be just like the walking dead)
3rd- Walking and driving a truck or car or even a horse will leave tracks and the walking dead may come a cross them and walk right up to your retreat so cover your tracks and make the land around your retreat look like a ghost town with nothing around and nothing to loot. Never leave anything out that would make the hordes think there is a retreat near by, use as many natural barriers as you can to cover up your retreat.
4th- Know the area around your retreat get out and map it and know where the high ground is and know where the best cover is if you need to take cover. You will need to set up patrols to scout out the hordes of looters, but if you did your job and got a great retreat area you will never see even one walking dead. Know your terrain and understand how to use it to both your advantage and a threat’s disadvantage
5th- Once you are set up and you have your retreat running don't do things that are sure fire giveaways like loud gunshots, fires with lots of smoke or loud noise. Stay under the radar and stay out of sight and don't send out an open invitation to the walking dead.
6th- Expect the Unexpected and never assume the walking dead will enter at one point and not another. And that walking dead out there may be a retired Army Ranger or a Fresh young Marine with a group of friends so you will need to be ready for most anything.
7th- At night a fire is a sure giveaway so build a nice fire pit and surround it with a block out with no trees near by this way from miles away you will not see the light of the fire. And you will need to keep light use down to almost zero. Any light at night can give the hordes a path to your retreat.
8th- Set up booby traps that will help you to hear the coming horde of walking dead.
9th- Send out long range scouts to check out the area far from the retreat, this will help to give you good intel on the hordes and what they are up to. But never let them follow you back to your retreat, this would defeat the whole reason for the long range scouting.
10th- Remember if you have 20, 25 or 30 people to defend your retreat and 75% of them know how to use a gun well, but you have intel that a horde of 125 are heading your way and most have guns. Even with the one defender is as good as two or three attackers you will still be out numbered, this is where a last chance plan comes into play. Maybe a set of traps 20 or 30 yards out that can be remotely set off to cut down the numbers of the attacking horde.

There are so many ways to plan for defending you retreat and this is just my slant on the whole thing. I'm sure there are very many more people with more info on this and even better info. If you have a survival retreat and plan to keep your prep you must have a plan to fight off hordes or the single zombie. Now is the time to learn to shoot and fight not after you get to your retreat. Plan now to survive.


  1. there won't be any large groups after a month, maybe a lot less. There won't be enough loot to sustain them. What you are talking about would cost many 10's of thousands of $, nobody is going to do it. it makes far more sense to just get underground in the woods near your local water source, at night, with a very small dug out shelter, very few people, and a few buried drums of food and gear. Just wait it out. Don't come out in daylight, don't leave any tracks. Don't have any fires for the first 2 months, at least. Your food has to be nutritious without being cooked, at least at first. Don't show any light at night. Let all the fighting and most of the diseases just pass you by. In a year or so, things will have calmed down a lot, either because order has been restored, or because 90+% of the population is dead. There will be plenty of diesel fuel, diesel vehicles, generators, tools, weapons and ammo lying everywhere. The first few months, starving dog packs will be everywhere, and they will hunt at night, too. so don't be far from water, and don't stay out of your hidey hole very long. Have a quiet .22lr autoloading rifle. ASAP after shtf, dig an escape tunnel, the further you can get from your entrance hole, the better. boobytrap your "lids" with mousetrap-pipe-.22rds, so as to wake you up. if one or more dogs or men are digging at one lid, you want to be able to just barely raise the other lid and quietly shoot them, preferably in the head.