The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Having A Group Survival Retreat

Having a survival retreat that you can escape to may mean the difference in whether you survive or die in the aftermath of a major disaster. Living in a large metropolitan area like a big or small city or town is great when everything is going well, however, all cities and towns depend on power to provide electricity and to pump water and remove waste, and on delivery of food supplies several times a week. This infrastructure will break down quickly after an emergency or collapse, leaving the citizens without power, water, food and basic services.
For many years small groups of people have been banding together and purchasing land in areas they feel will be safe. Working together people can accomplish more, store more and be much safer than alone. This applies to every aspect of life including purchasing land. With the state of the economy and the out look for the housing market for the next few years most land prices in many locations are very low. I have seen 10 acres of land for as low as $4000-$8000 here in the crazy state of California. So I'm sure land can be found for less in other states. And just look at it like this, You and four other families go in on this 10 acres of land and each family gets one acre to live on. That takes up five acres with five acres left over to grow a big community garden, fruit trees, berry bushes and some goats, chickens and a few dairy cows. With a full one acre to live on you could have a nice home or cabin with a small garden and chickens or goats on your spot of land to add to your own food. And with the community garden and animals this should be a good set up. I'm sure if you could get 15, 20 or 25 acres and still only have five families it would be much better, but the more land you have the more people you will need to work it and the bigger your are the more you will stand out. So my advice would be to keep it to 10-15 acres with 5-6 families or a max total of 10 adults and 10 kids. A ratio of 15 adults to 5 kids would be best because the more strong hands to work, it sure helps the work get done a lot faster. And with more adults you have less of a problem with security because in a post collapse event you will need people with guns ready to fight off any attacks of your retreat. And remember you don't have to kill all of the attackers you just need to kill so many that your retreat is to costly to fight for, and if you get hit with an attack once be sure you will get hit again and with more force. Your best bet is to stay under the radar and not be seen by anyone ever. Undeveloped land usually lacks a dependable water supply so get land near water and woods so you don't need to go far for need supplies. You will need water and a few wells on the land would be great or a small stream or river would be nice and wood will be needed for fires and other things so being close to both is a good idea.
Before purchasing land that you will use for a survival retreat, you need to consider every aspect. . You will need shelter of some kind as well. Tents are great for summer use and some are designed to withstand temperatures below zero but they are still tents. So build a few cabins to start with or use a few cargo containers to start with and as time goes by add on and update your retreat.
If you know a few good people why can trust and I mean really trust and you know you can live near for long amounts of time and get along. Remember you will have to make a life with the people you shelter with and if you fight now I'm sure when the collapse hits and food and water is hard to get you will find new and more things to fight about. You Must Find Good People!!!!! People you can live with and work with day after day and even the best people will fight from time to time but you need to fit as a group just like a great pair of jeans.
Take some time and look into group retreat survival.
And As Always Prep, Prep, Prep and Prep some more!!!!!!!


  1. Pete, if you find a good group, I am there. I got no money, but I can build, wire, and plumb whatever dwellings one might want. And I will be happy to live in a truck camper, hell, a TENT, so long as said settlement resists the PTB...

  2. That's always the way, isn't it? All these survivalist wannabes who want to join a social
    group and have a group retreat...NEVER have any
    money. BUT, they've always got 'skills' they think will assure them a place in the group.

    How are they getting by day to day NOW? How will
    they get by THEN if they can't make it now??

    ol' Lawrence

  3. I am looking into something similar her in michigan. I would like to hear more of uyour ideas, as you develop them. Steve