The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More BS In The News

I found this today on Yahoo and I have a few problems with the story.

Please under stand that I am not defending hate groups or racist!!!

In the story they block all the groups as one, the neo-Nazi Aryan Nation, the sometimes-violent anti-government groups and Patriots. I don't like to see all three grouped as one because they all are different in many ways. I feel as if I'm a patriot and I hate this government till the point I get sick but in no way am I a Neo-Nazi or racist and I plan no violent act on my government, but if you read this story at Yahoo you would think that all of them are the same and if you are a Patriot and make a stand for the Constitution then you are blocked into the bigger groups of "Hate Groups". Why in the hell would you call a Patriot, a person who wants this country to just follow the laws that our Fore Fathers set up and for his/her government to keep out of his/her day to day life a member of a Hate Group? Why would the news do this? I will tell you it is because they want to mark you as a evil person so when the ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, FEMA and local police show up at your door and kick it in and shoot you and your family and your small family dog down you can be put into the group of American Haters and you will just become one of the many members of a hate group. That way when the story hits the news you are a monster and an evil person and that makes it the right thing to do and so easy to just kill you and then they move on to the next family to kill.
I'm sure there are hate groups and I know there are racist and Nazi groups all over the country and I'm sure the story is right about the number of the groups being higher in that part of the country but my problem with the whole story is how they just tossed the Patriot Movement under the bus and blocked us in with the other groups. I have read that some of the hate groups you read about are just groups that meet and talk about how the laws and powers to be are getting out of hand and then the next thing you know your group is on the hate group list. I read years ago that a group of WWII reenactment guys who were German SS troops and dressed up once a month ended up on a Neo-Nazi Hate Group List, Why? Not one of them were in a hate group and not one of them were in any group out side of there WWII reenactment group.
This is all just setting us up for the big fall and the collapse! We are in the collapse now and the start of the plan is under way. We are in a Police State Now! And with each week it gets worse with new laws and more taxes and more BS red tape to cut through day after day just to make a life for yourself and your family.
People please wake up and start to prep!! Stock food, water and medical supplies along with other needed supplies to survive the coming collapse(that is already under way).
Make a plan
Work on the plan
and survive!!!!!

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  1. Grow up. You've been labeled a long time ago. You can either cower beneath the newly minted adjectives (hate, right-wing, "islamo"-fascist), or you can say, "no," and find out why the government and public you support with your tax dollars is at war with you. You also might find that your apoplectic apologia really is misplaced, as those folks are just the logical extension of those that dig deeper than you.
    Dig deeper, and ask why you so desperately cling to the last and most cherished tenet of Orthodoxy. Could that also be a lie. There is no greater contemporary heresy than admitting what is right in front of your face, every day: We aren't all equal. Forcing this false equality is the source of their power.