The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Is The Truth?

I know we are not getting the truth from our government and I know we never will get the truth from them. But what is the real truth with Japan, The Dollar, unemployment and the coming collapse? What does the great leaders of this country know that we don't know. I have been reading about FEMA and how over the last year they have been buying up food and gas.
Check it out here  and here
What do they know? And why are we not being told what to expect? I don't and never have trusted this government and never will. I still don't understand why FEMA and is telling people to get ready and have three days of food and water, THREE DAYS???? WTF????? I think two weeks is going light on food and water. To have a shot at survival you will need at least 30 days of food, water and other supplies for each of your family. And I think this is just a base line, 90 to 180 days of preps would be best. Let me ask you this,"If FEMA is spending $1 billion on emergency meals and gas what should you be doing?"
What is the truth? Is there something going on with the New Madrid Fault? It is just like everything they know we are only told 5-10% of the truth if that and then only if it helps them to do there evil work. It's just like the event with Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors and the false truth with the levels of radiation and the effects of the radiation cloud on the United States. Every few days we got a little more of the truth and as always one of the only news outlet with the truth was We need to stand strong and stay alert to the coming doom that is just over the horizon and stand ready to fight to survive. I have no idea what FEMA is up to and can only store needed items to survive. I will give you all a little advice, start prepping and start now. If you are prepping already then step it up and kick it into high gear. I'm sure of one thing and that is that something bad is coming our way.
Buy food.............. Buy water and store water..................Buy medical supplies..............Buy needed household supplies..................Get a Gun, more that one is better..................Buy Ammo and lots of it...............Make a stand to survive and get ready for the coming collapse.
Our time is running out!!!!

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  1. "If FEMA is spending $1 billion on emergency meals and gas what should you be doing?"

    Brilliantly put, Pete. That absolutely cuts to the chase.